HedKandi... why not try something sweet!

Tis the party season! It’s time to get on your new dress you bought for Christmas (who cares if it’s too dressy, you paid a lot for it and you look gorgeous), a massive pair of heels and squeeze all of the essentials into your favourite clutch bag! With all of the great nights out on offer to you over this time, you’ll regret it if you don’t take advantage of them all and you certainly don’t want to miss out on all the instagram opportunities. So many bathroom mirrors to hog…

One event you should never ever miss, is travelling up and down the country and that is from Ministry of Sound’s own Hed Kandi!

If you and your girlfriends are looking for some great house music, hip hop and techno mixed with fancy cocktails, great DJs and a generally amazing atmosphere, read on to find out when the next Hed Kandi event will be reaching you!


Static has been going for 20 years in Manchester and has definitely earned it’s place amongst the ranks of great house clubs. This is why Hed Kandi have chosen to take up a monthly residence within the club so why not get yourself down there on the 17th or 24th January.

The dance floor is big enough for you and your friends to whip out those moves you’ve been practicing all year but the bar’s never too far away for a top up!


If you’re in the Sheffield area, you’re in for a treat with award winning nightclub and cocktail bar Viper, which will be hosting Hed Kandi’s event on the 24th January and the 21st February, giving you plenty of time to prepare and get yourself built up! Your night here will be filled with amazing house music DJs, plenty of gorgeous cocktails and glamorous interior to get you and your friends in the VIP mood!


Sin is one of Ireland’s top house clubs, and what better place to host one of Ministry of Sound’s best house nights out!?

One of Ireland’s well known clubs for inviting top house DJs welcomes Hed Kandi with open arms on Saturday the 31st January, giving you a great opportunity to welcome in the new year and celebrate the first month with a bang!

Sin’s huge floor span is sure to be filled up when it comes to the end of January, so you may want to get your tickets quick!

Whichever event you choose to attend, whether you just choose to stay in your city, or you make a weekend out of it with your closest friends, you will not be disappointed (or sober) with a Hed Kandi event!

By Ashleigh Panther