The Outlook is promising!

The nights are getting shorter (supposedly) and soon summer will be on its way. Again we’re in the UK so the word, ‘summer’ is used lightly. We no longer get 6 week breaks like we did at school, but still a break is needed and what better way of enjoying your 7 days, then combining a holiday and festival. When it comes to festivals, there is an array to choose from like Benicassim in Spain, V festival  or even something like Reading Festival. However Croatia, and its famous Outlook festival, beats them all. We’ve all heard of the Mediterranean beauty but only recently has it become a hot word on the tongues of clubbers. The beaches are clean, the music is good and the booze are cheap. If that isn’t enough to entice you, then read on…

There’s nothing quite like it

Outlook Festival is the largest Bass music festival in Europe and when they say bass, they don’t mean the current beats being sold to children on UKtop40 by Fearne Cotton pretending, she knows what ‘the drop’ is. No, they mean underground dance music, house, techno, garage, grime… the list is longer than a shopping list.

Beach, booze and babes

The location is perfect. Think tanned skin, dancing until sunlight, with sand in between your toes. Okay, sand can be pretty annoying but nothing is annoying in Croatia. Camping areas are directly connected to the beach so you can relax your hangover off whilst listening to the beating waves. Okay in reality you’ll probably be listening to boys chanting and girl’s attention seeking but its Croatia and it’s a festival on the beach.

You couldn’t have wished for a better line up

The line-up is intense. For all your dub lovers and RnB heads this is your heaven. Previous artists include Skream, Benga and Foreign Beggars. If you have no idea who these are, then just think about them being the Paul McCartney of dubstep. (Stop. Now you’re all thinking about Paul McCartney creating dubstep).

Grab your bucket hats and mesh t-shirts

Every day is a catwalk. Think girls wearing bindi’s and French plaits. And boys wearing brightly coloured trainers and very short shorts. You’ll make great friends who you might even recognise at next year’s festival but most importantly there will be loads of people in your pictures… Guess who is looking uber popular now?!

Forget about part B because you’re gonna Partay.

The boat parties are 10/10. (Unless you’re sea sick). Sail along with some of your favourite artists, great sound and loads of booze. With a ship that constantly sails, you’ll get to see your favourite headliners perform in the most intimate venues.

If you’re going to Croatia you need to be a party animal; the launch parties will help unleash your wild side. Situated in London, you’ll get too skank and grind to the latest music, getting you ‘hyped’ and ‘buzzed’ for an eclectic week. Whatever happened to the word excited?

Dirt cheap drinks

A baby needs milk and a clubber needs alcohol. It’s simple. Drinks in Croatia are cheap and beer usually comes in around 3 euros, which is cheaper than most coffee. Now who can think of a better way to wake up?

If none of these things are creating a fizzy feeling in your tummy then I guess you could always try Butlins.

By Lucy Acton