How to plan a Big Night Out

Organising a night out with a big group of friends can be exhausting and stressful- but not anymore. Here at Licklist we’ve put together some great and easy ways of organising a night out with a large group. Whether it be a special occasion or just a catch up, we have some great tips to ensure everybody has a brilliant night:

  • Be clear in your invitation. Avoid confusion and awkwardness by specifying who is invited e.g. is it girls only? Boys only? Partners allowed? Make sure people RSVP to get a good guide on how many people will be turning up.


  • Spontaneity is always fun but preparing early for your night can get you some great deals. For example some bars and club may offer you discount for VIP areas and drink offers if you book or let them know in advance.


  • Decide on a meeting place and stick to it. It could be a friend’s house or a bar (although depending on what time, most bars and clubs can be rather noisy, which tend not to be the best place to find people in). Once you’ve settled on a time and place, don’t leave until everyone you know has arrived. If you loose people at the start, you’ve got no hope in keeping everyone together until the end!


  • Agree on a list of bar/clubs you want to visit. You might change your mind and not visit them all, but having a rough plan on what to do and where to go will help things run smoothly (plus that way you can make the most of those drink offers).


  • Expand your circle of friends. Inviting one or two people you don't know very well will broaden your social circle and give others the opportunity to meet new people too.


  • If you are compelled to document the evening with a photo, make sure you takes pictures early on in the evening, when everyone is at his or her best (but for hilarity, keep snapping away into the early hours).


  • Leave with the friends you came with. Even if you see other friends while you're out, stick with your original plan. You made plans to spend time with this specific group, so try not to abandon them for others.


That being said, you will almost certainly lose some people along the way; half your group will be missing by the end of the night, but at least you can say you organised a great night out that everyone will be talking about for ages! So what are you waiting for? Get started by planning your big night out with Licklist now!

By Kayleigh Stevens