Licklist guide to Surviving Winter

Here are a few survival tips for those winter night-out dilemmas – not yet approved by Bear Grylls…




  1. We’d all rather risk the chance of hypothermia than the horrid thought of becoming sober by queuing for the cloakroom. 






     2. And if you’re a guy you’ll only feel obliged to lend it to the girl who flutters her eye lashes and claims to have frost bite anyway


3. So what do we do? We conjure up the classic “alcohol blanket” back up plan. The more we drink, the less we feel the cold right?​



4. Wrong. Not only will you no longer feel the cold, you probably won’t remember your own name either.​




5. Queueing for the club may see you end up looking less like Beyoncé and more like Jack Frost.​





6. Gail force winds and torrential rain can have devastating effects to hair and make-up.​






7. We’ve all witnessed the poor soul in the club toilet with their head under the hand dryer trying to salvage the weather damage.






8. So don’t forget to bring reinforcements to perform a little touch up for when you eventually make it into the club.





9. Once the night comes to an end we’re more concerned about stopping off at the kebab shop than whether our eye lashes are still intact.​





10.  This de-tour can prove quite a trek in arctic like conditions so you may find yourself waddling along like a penguin.





11.  There’s always someone who has an uncanny resemblance to Bambi on ice.





12. If your friend goes down you’re going down with them. So don’t take their arm for support, it’s every man for themselves.






13. You could even find that it’s been snowing and the outside world has suddenly turned into Narnia.​






14. It’s probably about now that you wish you had brought your coat after all.  

By Georgina Mullany