'Back from Uni' Nights Out

For those of you who moved away from home to attend University, whether it’s near or far, you can all relate to the feeling of coming back home. Students have many opportunities to visit home such as the Easter break, Summer and Christmas. Some of you may even be lucky enough to have “Reading Weeks”. This is usually a week off lectures given to students to help them keep up to date with assignments- or as we like to call it: the denial period.



Dissertation stress, project deadlines, referencing- all that goes out of the window when you’re back home.





You know what the best way to resolve your dissertation stress is? A wild night out of course!






Being back home is also a great opportunity to catch with old friends, swap Uni stories and flat gossip.






However, if your parents still live in your hometown, it can be impossible to avoid running into people you went to high school with, which isn’t always a good thing!





Home= fridge full of food and delicious home cooked meals (thanks, Mum!). e.g. not living off microwave meals and noodles.





If you’re lucky, you might even get looked after by your parents when that dreaded hangover kicks in.





Remember the ‘locals’ that you hated seeing in Nightclubs in your University town? Well now that you’re back home, YOU’RE the locals. We’ll just let that sink in…





Unless you’re parents are super laid back and real party animals (lucky you), it’s unlikely you can gather your friends at your house for wild pre-drinks and hosting drinking games before you go out.






You can forget about one night stands or bringing anyone back to the house too without someone judging you.





If you’re hometown doesn’t have a University, you can bet those drink offers aren’t as appealing as you’re used to- “HOW much for a vodka mixer?”





But all that doesn’t matter because for that short period, you’ve forgotten about the stress of University work and enjoyed seeing your friends and family, and letting your hair down.



Whatever your experience of being back home is, when you get back to University you can relish in the fact that you won’t be the only one to realise you’re still way behind on deadlines, still have no money and counting down the days your tutor gives you another 'reading week'… Good luck!


By Kayleigh Stevens