10 Best Things About Christmas Work Do’s!



Christmas is just around the corner and for most of you out there you might be planning to (or have already had) a Christmas Party with your work colleagues. But what’s the best thing about having a Christmas Work Do? We’ll help jog your memory from last year’s fun, festive antics and enlighten those of you who have yet to celebrate the Christmas cheer at work.



  1. It’s Christmaaaaas! What’s not to love about Christmas? Here at Licklist we love any excuse for a party and putting the decs up- and so should you!


2. Even the scrooge of the office can’t resist a ‘do’; it boosts work morale and gets everybody in to the Christmas spirit.


3. Presents/ Secret Santa- because who knew ‘Jimmy’ in the office had a twisted sense of humour?


4. This is the time for real Team Bonding.  You’ll know each other a lot more after someone suggests…. “SHOTS?”



5. A chance to let your hair down- you deserve it! Christmas parties are a reward for all your hard work this year.




6. There could be a chance for an office romance (or some gossip at least) just remember to remain professional.



7. Inevitable drunk selfies/ photos that will provide hilarity (and humility) for everyone in the office the next day. After all, the best way to spread Christmas cheer, is Facebooking it for all to leer, right?



8. Entertainment. And by entertainment we mean someone gets drunk enough to suggest karaoke…



9. As well as the copious amounts of alcohol that will surely be involved, here at Licklist we also look forward to the food! You can get a head start on tasting all the delicious Christmas trimmings before the big day.




10. You’re probably going to be supporting a terrible hangover (despite promising yourself last year it wouldn’t happen again) and you have work the next day, but at least you can relish in the fact that you and your work colleagues are all in this together…




Merry Christmas Everyone!


By Kayleigh Stevens