Lola Lo - The Ultimate Tiki Experience

If you’re looking for an exotic night of stylish drinking, carefree dancing, and vivacious service, then make your way over to the bounty paradise that is Lola Lo! Part of the Eclectic Bar Group, the intimate Tiki bar can be found in numerous cities across the UK, from Bristol and Manchester, to Edinburgh, and really does offer something for everyone, regardless of drink preferences, music tastes, and the money situation. For the adventurous soul, you will be illuminated by vivid colours, unusual props and a delightful coconut aroma from the minute you walk in the door.

The Polynesian-themed nightclub really goes all out to capture the essence of the south pacific, with a stunning interior featuring all things bamboo amidst rustic décor, hand carved woods and evocative lighting. A fantastic selection of sumptuous cocktails, champagnes and rums really get those taste buds going and work alongside an intoxicating blend of contemporary beats and credible club classics to transport you to a tropical oasis where the party never ends! Grab one of their many private booths and sit down, relax and enjoy your night in style. Or maybe show off your flamboyant, flirtatious side at the bar or on their unique dancefloor (or perhaps do both!). The club even has their own currency! Lola Lo Dollars are the perfect gift for your Lola-loving friends and family, as well as something to put on your own Christmas list. Just make sure you spend them within the year (why wouldn’t you?), as there is an expiration date and latecomers will be refused!

The club offers an extensive Tiki-themed food menu providing the perfect opportunity to line your stomach for the night ahead. For the burger lover, why not try the teriyaki glazed and wasabi mayo covered ‘big Kahuna?’ And for those into hot dogs, the ‘Tiki Dog’ is worth a punt, served in a unique Hawaiian dog roll (as all of Lola’s dogs are); the sausage is covered in a caramelised pineapple salsa and crispy onion mixture that will really tickle those taste buds. There are also a variety of sandwiches on offer, from their pulled pork sandwich (served with Lola Lo grog bbq sauce), to their Jerk Chicken Wrap, which involves a creamy cucumber sauce. Why not wash your food down with one of Lola’s many bespoke and classic cocktails? Their extensive and diverse range is guaranteed to meet all tastes, from the vodka and midori based Green Lagoon, to the Spiced Rum and Amaretto based Captain Jack; from the Champagne based Passion Fruit Bellini, to the rum based Mojito. You can also sample select cocktails from their funky ‘Tiki Mugs’; coming in a range of sizes (for one, two or four), these are perfect for those looking for a big night. For the spirit lover, Lola Lo serves it by the bottle, ideal for sharing with friends! And whilst pricey, this will cut down your time at the bar and give you more time for a chinwag, a dance, a flirt, or whatever you may desire. The club also offers fantastic deals for students in the form of a reduced price food menu that includes a chicken goujon wrap and a pulled pork burger alongside a range of popcorn cocktail sharers that are available on student nights and friendly to anyone’s bank account. There are also a number of monthly student offers so keep your eyes peeled, you don’t want to miss out!

Each city offers their own unique Lola Lo theme nights to inspire the locals and set their club apart from others within the brand. Experience Lincoln’s ‘Jager Rocks’ on a Tuesday night, with £1 Jagerbombs, half price cocktails and every music genre attracting hundreds of the city’s party people; live the American dream on a Friday night in Norwich at the ‘Cabana Club’, where Las Vegas meets Miami beach culture with VIP table service, show girls, live percussion, blackjack and more; or take in some Hip Hop beats at ‘Love and Liquor’ in Oxford, which promises to be a Wednesday night that you can’t afford to miss! There are also themes that can be found consistently across the Lola Lo Brand (though there are a few exceptions), ‘Tiki Beats’ offers the perfect mash up of commercial, chart and dance ‘floor fillers’ of a Friday night, with a multitude of drinks offers dependent upon where in the country you are. Alternatively, Saturdays are home to the ‘After Dark Rum Club’, taking you on a journey to the darker side of Tiki with sultry, delicious beats accompanying the decadent tropical atmosphere.

For the ultimate Lola experience, why not book a Tiki table? The perfect way to spend your Lola Dollars, this option requires a minimum spend that must include a bottle of champagne or spirit (with mixers). Additionally you will be afforded guest list entry prices for your party and unprecedented table service all night long, cutting out the wretched waiting time at the bar. So sit down, relax and enjoy! For those looking for a more intimate night with a host of friends and relatives, there is also the option to reserve a whole section, or even to hire the whole place! Ensuring that you receive undisputed VIP treatment all night long!

Whether you’re organising a team building session, birthday party, or perhaps a hen or stag party, why not try Lola’s ‘Tiki Cocktail Masterclass’? From just £28.95 per person, their Mixologists will teach you and your friends how to make your favourite cocktails with the added Lola Lo theatre and flair that makes them separates them from the rest; purchase one of the Tiki Mugs online and take what you learn home with you. The club also offers numerous Masterclass food options too for those more into dining than mixing.

By Calum Dewsbury