Spontaneous Nights Out: Pros & Cons

Licklist’s Guide to… Spontaneous Nights Out: Pros & Cons

It’s quarter to nine, you’ve just settled down to watch I’m a Celeb/ X-Factor/[insert trash TV show here]. Your feet are up and the junk food is in arms reach. All set for a cosy night in you think, until… someone suggests ‘let’s go out!’ What do you do? Do you stay in your onesie and refuse to budge, thinking about all the money you’ll surely save? Or do you get in to party mode in a flash because you don’t want to miss out on all the fun?

Spontaneous nights are always the most fun, or so they say… we’ve listed a few pros and cons of that last minute night out... do you agree?

CON: You’re too comfy. Laziness may over rule on this one.

PRO: It’s PARTY TIME! Why do you need an excuse to party?


CON: Do you really want that ‘Token Drunk’ label?

PRO: You’ll always be known as the party animal, the one people can guarantee is always up for a laugh.


CON: You haven’t consulted your diary. This could completely mess up tomorrow’s plans, even if it was just to watch back to back shows on Netflix.

PRO: Embrace the spontaneity and just say yes! Who knows what could happen? A couple of drinks could turn into a big night out that everyone will be talking about, and perhaps coming back at 6am with a dubious kebab.



CON: You haven’t even planned an outfit- you can’t possible decide on this short notice, right?

PRO: Take a carefree approach to life. So you wore the same outfit twice in a week- who cares!?



CON: You have limited funds. Just think about all the money you’ll save NOT going out.

PRO: You don’t need money to enjoy yourself.



CON: You can guarantee you’ll have a good night’s rest tonight.

PRO: Sleep is for the weak- time to party!



CON: Last minute plans means you might not be with the ‘usual crowd’.

PRO: Here’s a chance to meet new people, socialise and make dance partners!



CON: Less time to pre-drink means spending more on drinks in a club and going out sober.

PRO: Most people will be half cut by the time you make it out so it’s easy to spot the different types of clubbers after a few (read our guide to clubbers here) i.e. ones to avoid!


Whichever side you fall on, be it spontaneity or structure, you can always rely on Licklist to make sure you have a cracking night out.


By Kayleigh Stevens


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