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9 issues girls face when getting ready for a night out...

9 Problems Girls Face When Getting Ready for a Night Out


Ever wondered why girls take SO long getting ready? Licklist have the answer: after thorough research in partying preparations, we found that these are the most popular problems girls face when preparing for a night out (we didn’t wake up like this, y’know), we’re sure you’ll recognise a few…



  1. Deciding the Outfit

“I have nothing to wear” - How many times have you heard a girl say this? Answer: Every time. The longest stage of ‘getting ready’ is always finding that perfect outfit. Their bedroom went from clean queen to looking like a bomb went off in the wardrobe (read: floordrobe).


2. Shower/Shaving

Ah, the painstakingly boring task of shaving. The majority of girls hate doing this, but not more than we hate a prickly leg. But that’s not even the half of it, because it must be near on possible NOT to cut yourself shaving in the shower (especially in a rush), never mind the added difficulty of half balancing on one leg. Oh and don’t forget shaving ‘down there’, just incase. And they haven’t even started washing their hair yet…




3.  Distractions

We’ll let you on to a little secret here: one of the main reasons girls takes AGES to get ready, it’s not about applying the layers- upon layers of foundation (although that may come later): it’s because girls get distracted easily. This could be due to updating their facebook status, dancing to their favourite song or the unavoidable amount of selfies…





4. Make-Up

This brings me back to my previous point of foundation layers. It’s not because girls want to look like their face is 3 inches thick, but it’s impossible to get that perfect shade of foundation (if you don’t want to spend a fortune), so they’ll probably settle for three different shades and layer them up, praying that that’ll do the job too. But oh no, upon opening said foundation it splurted everywhere- looks likes it could be another wardrobe change! Did we even mention the difficulty of getting your eyeliner symmetrical?



5. Hair

Up-do, down-do, curly or straight? There are just too many options of hair styling for girls. What’s in fashion? How’s everyone else having her hair? Take this decision making in to account, plus the added X amount of hours for just drying their hair- “Ah screw it, I’ll just go for the wet and windswept look”.




6. Panic

“Oh my god is that the time?” - The panic sets in that they won’t have enough time to get ready (despite ‘prepping’ 3 hours ago!) and all sort of levelheadedness goes out the window: “perhaps no one will notice if only one of my toe nails are painted?”



7. Giving-up

Now they’re probably in the ‘why do I bother?’ stage. The real problem here is the choice between going out or just staying in, slobbing out in front of the TV in their PJs.




8.  Drinking

If they haven’t already, this may be the time to crack open that bottle of wine, because hey, you may as well enjoy yourself whilst you’re getting ready and the more you drink the less you care about what you look like, right? What could possibly go wrong…



9. Transport

What do you mean no one rung for a taxi? The girls cant possibly walk to town in their heels- they are already feeling like they have bear-traps attached to their feet before the night has even begun, but heaven forbid they take them off yet!



Alas! Finally they’re ready to hit the town, and can now join in the rest of the gang who are well on their way to getting merry by now. But first… let me take a selfie!

Are there any problems you’ve encountered when getting ready for a night out that we’ve missed? Maybe it was a fake-tan disaster or mascara mishap? Comment below with your experiences.



By Kayleigh Stevens


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