Licklist guide to... Cambridge

Cambridge is famous for its Uni- according to the QS University Rankings 2014/15, Cambridge is the second best university in the world! Even more so, Cambridge is notable for its picturesque views. Prepare to be inspired by the beautiful architecture, majestic college buildings and enticing waterholes (that’s places to drink, to me and you).

Cambridge is home to some exceptionally cosy pubs, each with their own bit of history and stories to tell. For instance, The Eagle on Bene’t Street is allegedly where Francis Crick announced that he and James Watson had discovered the structure of DNA. The Maypole is a quaint family-run pub, tucked away between Bridge Street and Jesus green. It has a wide array of drinks and award-winning cocktails. This pub is particular renowned for it’s superb homemade Italian and traditional English dishes (which we can guarantee will cure that hangover) and it has been said to be ‘The Friendliest Welcome in Cambridge’.

In terms of nightclubs, they seem to few and far between. And those you do find are quite small, but that’s hardly surprising in this quaint little town- even the Kebab shop (The Gardenia) is charming! Having said that, Cambridge’s nightlife still has a lot to offer…

Fez Club is renowned amongst Cambridge's glitterati, for being the intimate Moroccan themed venue that has showcased the World's most prolific DJ talent, synonymous for their diverse music policy. Fez has put on some show stopping parties and seen performances from the likes of Zane Lowe, Jaguar Skills and Pendulum.

Then there’s Hidden Rooms, which has two unique rooms; The Events Room and The Cocktail lounge. Hidden Rooms also offers a huge range of 'Party Packages' including their famous Cocktail Tuition, Dance workshops, Punting on the river (located just 2 minutes away) and food, with plenty of drink offers.

Baroosh Cambridge Bar and Kitchen is a hidden gem to be found in the heart of the city. It’s ideal for all occasions, whether you want a morning fair-trade coffee and a flick through the papers, a business lunch, or evening cocktails with friends.

The Q-Club boasts to be ‘the best night out in the area’. Not only do they host a broad range of exciting alternative club nights they also sell the cheapest drinks in town, with constant drinks promotions (including shots for only a pound). Q-Club has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, suitable for dancing the night away or just chilling on a comfortable sofa.

The place to be for a night of VIP treatment has to be The Place Nightclub. It offers the latest contemporary and modern design coupled with luxurious seating, including private VIP booths. The Place holds many events and themed nights that will suit everyone from 18-80!

Want something cosy but different from your traditional pub? Then it goes without saying that at The Snug bar, you can always expect a warm welcome from the 'Snug family'. Why not sit back and watch the world go by whilst sipping one of their delectable cocktails?

So whether you’re visiting as a tourist, student or passerby, Cambridge welcomes you to a place of beauty and entertainment.

By Kayleigh Stevens