Licklist guide to... different types of clubbers!

Spot the Clubbers/ 9 People You’ll Meet in a Club

When you’re in a club, you’re bound to come across a wide range of personalities. Here at Licklist we’ve put together a guide of sorts, so next time you’re on a night out, you can spot these 9 different types of clubbers. We’ll admit the majority of these are stereotypes, but we bet you’ve probably dealt with (or even have been) at least one of these…



1. The Awkward one

You’ll spot them straight away. They’ll be stood up in a crowd, the only one not dancing, awkwardly doing the occasional shoulder wag. Or sat down at a table in the corner, scraping the wrapper off their drink bottle. They usually spend their time clock-watching until it becomes an appropriate time to leave the club (hint: it’s after Midnight), or get drunk enough till they actually might enjoy themselves.


2. The Drama Queen

The “oh my god I’m SOOO drunk” person. They’re over dramatic about everything. They’re the most likely to start a fight in a club because a girl/boy looked at them in the wrong way, or spend the night crying in the toilets.



3. The Emotional One

The same goes for the emotional one. They wear their heart on their sleeve, so one tipple too many brings out the waterfall and the “I love you guys so much” speech.



4. Money Bags

The one who always gets the rounds in. Definitely someone you want to befriend. They usually regret how skinny their bank account is the next morning, but at the time they think they're indispensable . Bottle of Grey Goose you say? Let’s get 5!


5. The Player

Boy or girl, their mission in a club is to pull. It’s quite hard to spot in a club who is on the prowl and who to avoid, but there is always one person whose sole mission is to hook up with someone by the end of the night.


6. The Lightweight

Two bottles of WKD later and this hardcore clubber is being propped up by their friends (or the bar). They simply can’t handle their drink and most likely spend the night bumping into people, swaying and giggling like a teenager. But hey, cheap night, right?



7. The Walker

This person is renowned for wandering off when they’ve had a bit too much to drink. You only looked away for a second and spend half the night looking for them.



8. The Best Friend

This may only apply to girls, as the majority of these people hang around in the girl’s toilets in a club. You know who I mean, girls. The type of people gossiping around the mirrors who strike up a conversation with you or borrow a bit of lippy and immediately become you’re ‘BFF’. You’ll probably never speak to them again, but in that moment you think you’ve made a friend for life.



9. The Wild Card

This person is always unpredictable on a night out. They are there to party hard! They’re that person who always insists on getting shots, the social butterfly that goes with the flow. And if the flow means going to a random house party after you get kicked out of the club, then so be it.


Recognise any of them? Next time you’re out see if you can spot them all- it’s like Where’s Wally- except more fun! Also let us know if you can think of, or have experienced any ones that we have missed.



By Kayleigh Stevens