Sam Jacks- Newcastle's guiltiest pleasure

Of the various treble-serving watering holes situated in Newcastle city centre, it’s difficult to beat the allure of Sam Jacks. Rammed full nearly every night of the week, Sam Jacks offers the usual selection of cheap drinks and easy laughs, with the addition of some extra raunchy entertainment.

Picture the scenes – exotic dancers blended with the widest array of drinks Newcastle can offer - what better way to start your night on the toon? Now I’m sure this will float the boat of some people more than others, but even if that isn’t your thing, the atmosphere is so electric that any qualms will be quickly forgotten as the night progresses.

Such is the Sam Jacks experience; many punters choose to spend their whole night in there, made possible by the ultra-fun party playlist and a closing time of 1AM.

If fun is your thing you’d be mad to miss out on the hilarious opportunities Sam Jacks brings!

Naturally, the main drawing point of Sam Jacks, as it should be with bars, is the drinks on offer. Primarily a trebles bar, getting suitably inebriated won’t be a problem here. Factor into this the world beating prices (3 trebles for £5.85), and you’re thirst will always be quenched.

If trebles aren’t your thing, there is a wide selection of beers, and of course the highly recommended Skittles – a delicious, multi-coloured combination of skittles and a little bit of vodka – perfect for a more casual drink or as an awesome taste sensation!

In terms of entertainment, Sam Jacks is the number one bar in Newcastle for excitement. The city-renowned rodeo bull is just one of the many attractions, with numerous punters seeing how long they can ride it, with the length of time decreasing as the night progresses! Think you’ve got the skills to hold on? Head down and give it a go! It costs nothing and provides great entertainment for your friends even if you end up a little dizzy afterwards.

What would happen if you add platforms for exotic dancers into an already awesome bar? It becomes even more awesome of course! Sam Jacks has lots of dancers on show and this part of the reason why it’s so popular, as it’s yet another way to occupy your time.

Sam Jacks hosts great parties nearly every night of the year, and even throughout the day when The Magpies are playing. If you’re in Newcastle and looking for an inexpensive time in a bar that has loads going on, head straight to Sam Jacks!

By Guy Robertson