Chicago's Bars... a slice of Illinois!

Yep, America has had it all for years. As the home of consumerism, their lavish lifestyle and over-the-top mentality has pushed the U.S. right to the top of the world. After all, where else can you buy a lobster dinner and Rolex for less than twenty bucks! One of the underrated aspects of American lifestyle is their bar and club culture. The inventors of happy hour really do know how to have a good time. With delicious, heart-clogging food and ice cold beer, the American bar is truly unique.

Chicago’s Bars allow us in the U.K. to experience American nightlife, without having to queue for hours in passport control! With 8 venues all over the U.K., there’s plenty of opportunity for us to experience the opulence of American life. Chicago’s Bars have a ‘any excuse to party’ mentality, making them a fantastic place to go with a great group of friends. No guns, no spelling bees, no crippling obesity. Yep, these bars offer us an unforgettable American night of partying, minus all the bad things.

Chow down in style…

If you want to experience a classic American night, you gonna need some mouth-watering food to keep you going. In any Chicago’s, you’ll find all your favourite foods. With loads of different burgers, a wide selection of starters and some coma-inducing desserts, their food is perfect for fuelling your American night out. They’ve got some brilliant platters, perfect for sharing, as well as some really tempting salads, helping to keep us all honest.

Drink like a Yank!

Why not wash down their amazing food with their even better drinks. Of course, Chicago’s offer all the classic beers and spirits. If that’s not your kind of thing, there are always some fantastic cocktails. Ranging from Mojitos to Long Island Ice Teas, their cocktail list is guaranteed to keep you swaying along with the fun vibes that oozes out of their bars. Alongside all your favourite cocktails and beers, the trained bar staff offer a wide selection of alcoholic bombs. Short and straight to the point, these drinks will kick-start any night of yours into overdrive. And best of all, Chicago’s drinks menu is perfect for anyone on a budget. You won’t have to worry about breaking the bank here. Great value for money, Chicago’s is open for all who wish to have a night to remember.

Part Nights…

Your local Chicago’s will probably be hosting some outrageous party nights. Of course these vary depending on location, so be sure to have a look online. Karaoke and UV Paint Parties are the norm, but their ingenuity doesn’t end there. Open until the wee hours of the morning most nights of the week, Chicago’s offer all who enter the chance to dance the night away. With their resident DJs playing some of the biggest tunes around, you’re guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face! So leave your worries at the door, this place is for those who love life!

Party Planning…

Whether it’s a birthday, stag/hen party or even a leaving do, Chicago’s Bars offer some of the best, bespoke party nights. Of course, with the brilliant offer of a three-course meal for £19.99 per head, if you were coming out with a group of mates, you’d be crazy to pass this up. Additionally, for large parties, they even offer to bring in some entertainment for your viewing purposes. Whether you fancy seeing a band of moody teenagers from the local school perform or would rather laugh yourself to stiches at the hands of a comedian, Chicago’s will sort it all out for you.

Chicago’s Bars are perfect for anyone who just wants to let their hair down. With fantastic offers on food and drink and some crazy club nights, here at Licklist, we’re convinced there isn’t a better place for a group night out. Chicago’s is anything but mundane; a truly brilliant place for you to make some even better memories. 

By Gurjot Thind