Vive la Revolution!

The word ‘revolution’ has been a significant one in world history. It has loads of different meanings and depicts some of the most pivotal events to have ever happened. These include the execution of the French royal family, the victory of the Chinese Communist Party over the Nationalist forces and, of course, the work of Brendan Rogers at Liverpool. But nowadays, the meaning of the word has changed. It now symbolises great deals on food, great bars, fantastic DJs and even better cocktails. Yep, Revolutions bars have sprung up all over the UK and now offer some of the best nights around. Here at Licklist, we have all you need to know about these awesome places.

Ra Ra Rasputin…

Here’s a brief history of Revolution Bars in the UK. Created by two heroes, Roy Ellis and Neil Macleod, in 1980, the duo opened their first bar in 1991 in the avant-garde city of Manchester. From here, Rev bars began opening up all over the UK, specialising in Vodka, taking over the nightlife of loads of different places and forever changing the uni experience for thousands of students. Now with over 1,800 employees, Revs is home to some of the most wonderfully weird cocktails and club nights. So next time you’re around town, look out for your local Vodka Revolution or Revolucion de Cuba bar.

Grab a bite to eat

Just like Mao’s communist China post revolution, Rev bars have diversified to offer a completely new experience for its punters. Now open during the day, it offers some of the best meals in town, all for a reasonable price. Ranging from a grilled chicken salad to a vodka-topped pizza, it’s obvious that their innovative cocktail menu has influenced their food. If that’s not really your thing, no worries, there’s still loads on the menu. They have large platters and dishes that are perfect for sharing, incredible burritos and wraps, bursting full of the best ingredients around, and some really great desserts that go perfectly with a smooth cocktail. Great news for anyone on a budget, weekly offers and deals are guaranteed. So if you’re worried that eating here is going to force you to live off Supernoodles and porridge for the rest of the week, don’t fret.

The Real Deal…

But by far the best thing about revs is its incredible cocktail list. Whether you just want a refreshing Mojito or fancy drinking something you’ve never had before, you’re guaranteed to leave this place with a massive smile on your face. With a well trained bar staff and a brilliant selection of liquor, some of the combinations and drinks produced really will baffle you; enough to put a smile on even Simon Cowell’s over-tanned face. And better still, you have no idea how your drink will be served; one minute it’s in a jam jar, the next it’s in a teapot!

Alongside their crazy cocktail list is their happy hour. Come rain or shine, between 5pm and 8pm, Sunday to Friday, a fantastic 2-4-1 cocktail deal is in operation. You’ll struggle to find a better and more fun way to start of your big night out.

If a pitcher of Strawberry Woo Woo isn’t really your thing, revs have you covered. Specializing in Vodka, they offer some of the smoothest drinks around. So why not true the latest drink to come out the Eastern Block! Additionally, there’s always a Vodka stick on offer. These sticks provide you with six different shots, varying in flavour from chilli and guava to strawberry and basil. Here at Licklist, we think there really isn’t a better place to let your hair down… that is after a stick or two.

So what are you waiting for?

With over thirty bars across the UK, your local Revs can’t be too far away. So grab your friends and make your way over. A perfect place for students and those on a budget, Revolution bars hold the key to perfect night out. With great deals, a well-trained bar staff and even better food, there’s something here for everyone.

By Gurjot Thind