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Licklist Guide to Fabulous Cocktail Bars in Belfast

It’s time to treat yourself, there is something in the human mind that when shown a cocktail menu we refuse to pick the same cocktail we enjoyed the last time. It’s all about being adventurous, the cocktail menu is more than just a menu, it’s a bucket list! We always find ourselves either picking one of the three; Cocktail I have never had before, Cocktail with a name as long as a working week or Cocktail that’s impossible to drink due to the volcanic eruption it displays right in front of us. Kid in a sweetshop sort of stuff, it really is and we are all victims. Belfast city centre is a very traditional one and therefore love their Guiness, will you be creative in having a ‘What’s the Quak’ at the infamous Solo Restaurant & Bar.


What we have done to make your life a whole lot easier is put together a long list of all the best Cocktail Bars in Belfast. Find one that has the menu you are looking for and the atmosphere to accompany. A cocktail is not a one-off treat, it is one that should be enjoyed whenever you feel like it. So, who’s going to be first to finish that bucket list?


Fabulous Cocktail Bars in Belfast