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Licklist Guide to Brilliants Bars in Belfast

There’s a big difference between going to a nightclub than going to a bar and we completely get that. A bar has a more civilised sound to it and often feel to it, Belfast city centre has plenty of bars to choose from of all kinds. The bars are just a walk away from the University also. However, the fun does not stop. We want to give you all the options you could ask for, a fancy bar, quirky bar, sports bar, live music bars and many more. Going out is a very important topic to us all, so it is important that we get it right when we do so. To help out we have put together a wide variety list of all of the best types of bars for you to choose from.


What better is there than drinking a cocktail with a name that you are bound to forget come the morning. The exotic favours of a cocktail only add to the evening and find one that serves the drink you need. So, go on, take a look at our carefully selected list and see where the night takes you.

Brilliants Bars in Belfast