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Licklist Guide to Bars in Wakefield

Last updated: 09/12/2014 14:08:11

Choosing a bar to go to can often be hit and miss.  Once you find that special one though many people end up being a regular.  So how do you find new Bars in Wakefield to go to while swerving the dives?  

Browse our comprehensive list of Bars in Wakefield and get an idea of what to expect before hand! All of our reviews are genuine, left by our users after their night out in Wakefield .

So if you are looking for Bars in Wakefield , or are planning a night out in Wakefield and don't know the area too well, be sure to have a look at the listings we have on our site to make a more educated guess!

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Tequila Nightclub Wakefield

Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Kooky Nightclub

Wakefield, West Yorkshire

The Hub Wakefield

Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Fanny & Bacardi

Wakefield, West Yorkshire


Wakefield, West Yorkshire

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Eddie Pea Pod Pattison :

Eddie Pea Pod Pattison :

Fri, 6th May
so Wakefield in General is a great night Tequila however better then i expected and actually remember it this time. a definite place to go on a night out. great music great people great location...
Jessie-Leigh Kendall  :

Jessie-Leigh Kendall :

Tue, 30th August
Think the bouncers are complete knobs and hit women, full of idiots wanting to fight including the bouncers!!!! Nothing but drama. Wouldn't waste my time even going again ✋� absolute crap
James Sandos Cunnane :

James Sandos Cunnane :

Sun, 25th September
This is where it's at, door staff are fair and firm, bar staff are great all in all good night out in there every time
Tom Wilkinson :

Tom Wilkinson :

Sat, 29th October
It's alright and I have a good time in when I'm in