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Licklist Guide to Bars in Newquay

Last updated: 09/12/2014 11:13:25

Choosing a bar to go to can often be hit and miss.  Once you find that special one though many people end up being a regular.  So how do you find new Bars in Newquay to go to while swerving the dives?  

Browse our comprehensive list of Bars in Newquay and get an idea of what to expect before hand! All of our reviews are genuine, left by our users after their night out in Newquay .

So if you are looking for Bars in Newquay , or are planning a night out in Newquay and don't know the area too well, be sure to have a look at the listings we have on our site to make a more educated guess!

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Licklist Top 5 Bars in Newquay

Fistral Beach

Newquay, Cornwall

Berties NightClub

Newquay, Cornwall

Walkabout Newquay

Newquay, Cornwall

Central Inn

Newquay, Cornwall

Belushi's Newquay

Newquay, Cornwall

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Ash Parker  :

Ash Parker :

Thu, 5th January
Fistral Beach · Newquay
First of all, I love Fistral Beach. That being said I think it's an absolute disgrace that you have chosen the thieving scum bags that are Smart Parking Ltd to manage your parking lot. I was down...
Naomi Rogers :

Naomi Rogers :

Tue, 3rd January
Belushi's Newquay · Newquay
Friendly service. Unfortunately the guy behind the bar wasn't trained to make cocktails? One of the main reasons I came here was for the cocktails. Let down.
Ste Horsfall  :

Ste Horsfall :

Wed, 4th January
Belushi's Newquay · Newquay
one of my favourite places can't divide pints in two, obviously milking unsupecting patrons, a great way to piss people off, unless ofcourse girls and their lime are worth less than beer...
Janine E Groves  :

Janine E Groves :

Wed, 4th January
Belushi's Newquay · Newquay
Rip off £3-90 a pint one night £2-50 another�what the f#*k. �