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Licklist Guide to Bars in Guildford

Choosing a bar to go to can often be hit and miss.  Once you find that special one though many people end up being a regular.  So how do you find new Bars in Guildford to go to while swerving the dives?   Browse our comprehensive list of Bars in Guildford and get an idea of what to expect before hand! All of our reviews are genuine, left by our users after their night out in Guildford . So if you are looking for Bars in Guildford , or are planning a night out in Guildford and don't know the area too well, be sure to have a look at the listings we have on our site to make a more educated guess!

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Casino Nightclub

Scott took me, I am still being held captive by scott the bouncer, this is day 27, and he has fed me the mushroom growing in the girls bathroom. Please send help. I am desperate.

Casino Nightclub

Literally the worst place in the world. - Extremely slow bar service + expensive. - Bouncers who evidently enjoy the power trip of their job far too much. - The floors are stickier than industrial strength glue, and the toilets are borderline human right's offences. - Full of fight ready club lad read more

Casino Nightclub

Scottish bouncer on the door clearly enjoys intimidating women half his size. Doesn’t give men a second glance though. What a surprise that is. Clubs itself is nothing special either. Needs some work on the decor

Casino Nightclub

If I could give it less than 1 I would. Absolutely terrible nightclub. Free entry before 11 which never happens, if you enjoy queueing for hours then this is the place for you. DJ that doesn't know what he's doing, and staff that couldn't care less what happens, worst place I've ever been to. Don't read more

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