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Licklist Guide to Bars in Falmouth

Last updated: 11/12/2014 10:19:14

Choosing a bar to go to can often be hit and miss.  Once you find that special one though many people end up being a regular.  So how do you find new Bars in Falmouth to go to while swerving the dives?  

Browse our comprehensive list of Bars in Falmouth and get an idea of what to expect before hand! All of our reviews are genuine, left by our users after their night out in Falmouth .

So if you are looking for Bars in Falmouth , or are planning a night out in Falmouth and don't know the area too well, be sure to have a look at the listings we have on our site to make a more educated guess!

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Club International

Falmouth, Cornwall

Beerwolf Books

Falmouth, Cornwall


Falmouth, Cornwall

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Reviews Bars in Falmouth

Josh Southworth  :

Josh Southworth :

Fri, 13th January
Beerwolf Books · Falmouth
The kind of place that if you made an unpolitically correct joke someone with dreadlocks whose never done an hour of contribution in their life would try to hurt you
Iris Pil :

Iris Pil :

Tue, 17th January
Beerwolf Books · Falmouth
I love Beerwolf Books!!! Great staff, good books, fantastic coffee and the best array of Ale´s one may wish for <3
Lauren Gee  :

Lauren Gee :

Mon, 23rd January
Beerwolf Books · Falmouth
Beer, books and a brilliant setting for both! What more could you need?! Loved it here and I can't wait until I can come back again.
Adrian Garside  :

Adrian Garside :

Sat, 11th February
Beerwolf Books · Falmouth
So, my first visit. At the next table, a goth and a guy with dreadlocks, the next, a couple of old boys playing cribbage, a table of students playing monopoly, another, a group of geeks and a punk...