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Licklist Guide to Bars in Bristol

There are lots of bars in Bristol.  If you are heading to Bristol for a drink you will find plenty of bars throughout the city.  The tricky part is finding the very best bars in Bristol that suit your mood and needs for a day or night out.  That is where Licklist comes in, we have thousands of users who have picked the top 5 bars in Bristol, posted reviews about the venues in Bristol, a handy map of bars in Bristol so you can find a somewhere on the move and we have a collection of nightlife photo galleries in Bristol.  Whether you are on a hen do in Bristol, weekend away or just a Friday or Saturday night out, the bar scene in Bristol is great and you will be spoilt for choice.  There are bars throughout Bristol but the harbourside, King Street, Park Street and Gloucester Road are popular areas for a night out where you will find a diverse selection of bars, clubs, pubs, live music venues, cocktail bars and restaurants.

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Reviews of Bars in Bristol

Do you know the best bars in Bristol?  Just been on a night out and found a fabulous joint you can’t stop raving about?  You can post a review of your night out and tell us about the bars in Bristol you enjoyed and those you didn’t. 

Reviews Bars in Bristol

Motion Bristol

Was here to see Paul Oakenfold. The venue is well equiped and there's loads of security. Felt super safe and zero issues.

Motion Bristol

Great venue with some great acts. There was no drama at all, just loads of people all there for the same thing - great music and a great night.

Motion Bristol

Great venue. One of my favourites in Bristol. Despite many people being present on sell out nights, such as Hospitality, it never feels overcrowded. Could do with air conditioning though, which is why I gave it 4 stars.

Motion Bristol

One of the best clubs in the UK, let alone the city. Terrified of what new housing developments in the area will do to the club.. it's inherently routed in the Bristol culture. If the culture dies, the city will too. SAVE MOTION

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