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Let's get spooky

With Halloween comes trick or treats, pumpkin spice, and the cherry on top… raving. It’s probably my favourite thing about Halloween – the chance to dress up in too-cold outfits, head down to XOYO, and get spooked by the price of sambuca shots with my friends. Last year I was Hermione Granger, and I haven’t yet decided who I’ll be dressing up as this year… to be honest, once I’ve had a few G+T’s I don’t usually care who I’ve come as.

There’s so much on at this time of year – it’s like the party people know that no one wants to be outside anymore, so they start taking the parties inwards and giving them a dark, haunted twist. Last year, it was difficult to party hard at this time of year. We had to make do with buying up all the M&S Halloween choccies and playing trick or treat with our flatmates as to who had the last spooky Colin cupcake (just me??). This year will be different. We promise. Take a look at this list of the best Halloween club nights to start the festive season with a bang… or a boo.


1. Trapped in Wonderland, The Clapham Grand

When: Friday 29th October 2021

Where: The Clapham Grand, Saint John's Hill, London, SW11 1TT

What makes it so great: The Clapham Grand is a legendary venue, hosting variety shows from some of the greatest performers since 1900. A true Victorian spectacle, the venue is bedecked in ornate cornices and plush furnishings, all ready… to get absolutely smashed in. Join the Mad Hatter in this bonkers retelling of the classic Alice in Wonderland myth. Jump down the rabbit hole and wander through a haunted fairy-tale, complete with crazy characters, confetti showers, live DJs, and oversized Wonderland props.

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