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Top 10 Fireplace Pubs in London

If you’re excited for autumn – the frosty mornings, the pumpkin carving, the new Lidl Halloween chocolate range - but not so much for the dwindling social engagements that inevitably come along with it, then you’re not alone. Although autumn is very picturesque, I personally miss the rooftop bars, the boozy park picnics, and the seemingly endless daylight that comes along with summer. As the days get shorter and our coats get longer, we’re all beginning to crave time spent indoors. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your social life. There are plenty of pubs that cultivate the same homely, snug atmosphere that you’ll find in front of the tele. The only difference being that there’s a much better selection of alcohol available in the pub – I’m looking at you, half-drunk bottle of glitter raspberry gin liqueur I haven’t touched since June.

Something that is pretty essential to this snug, cosy pub atmosphere is a roaring fire. There’s nothing like cradling a ginormous glass of wine, whilst listening to your mates bang on about their latest relationship drama and zoning out in front of a fire. I’ve scoured London to bring you some of the best pubs in which you can do just that.


1. Rose, Fulham

What makes it so great: Described as a village pub in the middle of Hammersmith and Fulham, the most village-like of all the boroughs, the Rose in Harwood Terrace is the perfect place to put your feet up, treat yourself to a portion of triple-cooked-chips, and enjoy their open fireplace with your friends. Previously named the Legless Ladder and the Fulham Tup, we hope the Rose stays under its latest management for a long time to come. They’ve even got a walled garden, for if you fancy venturing out in the cold.

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2. Chesham Arms, Hackney

What makes it so great: Forget one fireplace, how about two?! Recently renovated, this boozer in Hackney really looks like your textbook British pub. Boardgames and Claret-coloured walls will make you feel at right at home – except it’s better than your home because it’s got booze in it. Plus, no fighting over who gets the seats nearest the fire as you’ve got two to choose from. Bliss…

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3. The Holly Bush, Hampstead

What makes it so great: In a world of chain pubs, whether they be Greene King or Wetherspoons, The Holly Bush is the ultimate tonic. Located on a picturesque hilltop backstreet, this pub is a Grade II-listed building. It was built as a house in the 1790s and used as the Assembly Rooms in the 1800s – centuries later, it later a pub in 1928. The same air of 1920s faded glamour and homespun charm remains, with three low-ceilinged bar areas and a roaring fire to warm yourselves up with after a bracing stroll across the Heath.

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4. The Ivy House, Peckham

What makes it so great: This pub is like the I, Daniel Blake of drinking establishments. – I hope Ken Loach makes a film about it. In 2012, the owners gave their tenants one week’s notice to ship out after selling the property to developers. Instead of going quietly, the tenants set about raising £1 million with the help of the local community to buy the pub and turn it into a cooperative. You can see why they wanted to save it – in a Grade-II listed building, with original beams, wall-to-wall wood panelling, leaded windows and an open fire, this place is something special.

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