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Venue spotlight: The Corner Pin

Lockdown proved strenuous, but there were plenty of trends that kept us going through those long, dark winter months. Tik Tok, the discography of Ann Marie, and Bridgerton, mostly. However, another unsung hero of the pandemic really has been Beavertown Brewery. During that brief lockdown interlude last summer, when we could all suddenly get pissed in a pub again, we were downing pints of Neck Oil like no tomorrow (because, well, with global warming on the rise and coronavirus here to stay, it’s all getting a bit scary…). Beavertown Brewery really has been one of the unsung heroes of the pandemic.

Credit: The Corner Pin

This crafty microbrewery has gone from a hipster start-up in Haringey to a pub staple. That’s why it’s no surprise that Beavertown Brewery is following in the wake of success stories like Brew Dog in opening their first proper pub! This new venture, ‘The Corner Pin’, sits opposite Tottenham Hotspur Stadium – so this brewery is sticking by their north London roots. There’s actually been a pub on this site since the 70s, but it’ll probably be the first time it’s been under management from a brewery whose brand can be likened to Grateful Dead meets acid rave. They have really made their mark… the Beavertown aesthetic dominates the space, from the exterior to the customer loos! There’s the full Beavertown range on draught, including the brewery’s exclusive new Bones lager to wet your whistle – they’ll be offering a full food menu too, in the fullness of time.

Credit: Beavertown Brewery)

Tottenham Hotspurs even have a Beavertown taproom in the stadium, so it’s no wonder the brewery has decided on the north London borough to be their first home. I think you can be pretty certain that this next step for Beavertown is going to prove pretty popular…


Words by Rebecca Clayton