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Escape the daily slog

What with going back into the office and all, we’re not surprised that you’re feeling a bit listless. It’s hard to stay motivated when just getting on the tube in the morning completely exhausts you for the rest of the day. This whole 9 to 5 thing is tough to get back into.

You need to treat yourself, escape the daily slog; there’s no better place to do that than Sluggers. Sluggers is a concept bar based at Boxpark Croydon and Roof East in Stratford. The brains behind the business are describing it as a “hedonistic world away” from the humdrum of daily life. With its Latin American theme whisking you away (mentally at least – unfortunately they can’t actually pop you on the next flight to Cuba) to sun-soaked beaches and the hot streets of Havana, Sluggers offers you a glimpse into the world of Latin American baseball culture.

Historically, we’re not too fussed about Baseball in this country. Sluggers is here to change all that. At Sluggers, you can book a batting cage for up to 50 minutes of action at a time, complete with lightning-quick pitches and an adjustable speed-o-meter. Sluggers offer peak and off-peak slots for groups of up to six, so there’s plenty of options for every type of party. Teenagers over the age of 14 are even welcome (although they will have to be accompanied by an adults, and will only be able to play until 5pm on weekends).

It’s the perfect way to unleash all the stress that builds up throughout the working week. You can also get yourself some crazy cocktail combos and mouth-watering street food whilst you’re at it. The new Croydon venue has teamed up with the people that bring you The Cuban Box, Guasa, Mr Pork and Hermanos, to offer you a delicious food & drinks menu with a Cuban twist.

So what are you waiting for?! Get your butt down to Sluggers to try out the next big thing.