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The best comedy clubs in the UK

We British are known for many things. Swearing? Yep. Drinking? Yep. Eating chicken out of a bucket whilst wearing a bucket hat at 1am on the literal street? Yep (I’m looking at you, Rob Beckett).

Something else that we can take great pride in as a nation, is our sense of humour. It’s world-renowned, we’re a funny bunch, and never afraid to laugh at ourselves. That’s why, in honour of this great island nation we call home, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest comedy clubs across this fair isle, where you can catch all your favourites off the tele trying out their new material – plus, some unknown faces that might just become the next big thing.

After all, we shouldn’t just be proud of our incredible Euros run, amirite?!


1. The Comedy Store, London.

Where? 1A Oxenden St, London SW1Y 4EE

Why is it so great? Now, The Comedy Store is probably one of the most famous comedy club’s in the country, after becoming synonymous in the early 80s with alternative comedy; comedians who didn’t necessarily conform to the typical “Footlights” sketch comedian that was popular at the time. Over the years, everyone from Paul Merton, Josie Lawrence, French and Saunders, Mayall and Edmundson, Eddie Izzard and Steve Coogan – to name but a few – have walked through these hallowed halls!

When? In this post-COVID world, The Comedy Store is sadly only open on Tuesdays for the time being. You can find out more here.

(Credit: @Visitlondon)


2. The Stand Comedy Club, Edinburgh.

Where?  5 York Place, Edinburgh EH1 3EB

Why is it so great? Even within a city as funny as Edinburgh, The Stand comedy club is known as one of those clubs where, if you’re a young fresh-faced funny man/woman/person, you can’t afford to miss the opportunity of performing here. Known as “arguably the world’s most perfect stand-up room”, this place is very special to the comedians that get to perform here, and the audience that gets to watch them. They’ve even expanded – there are now venues in Glasgow and Newcastle too. They’re taking over the North, one chuckle at a time…

When? Most nights, that’s when! Check it out here.

(Credit: @TheStand)


3. The Glee Club, Birmingham.

Where?  Arcadian Centre, Birmingham B5 4TD

Why is it so great? And no, I’m not talking about the much-loved, long-running US sitcom. This Glee is arguably just as funny though. Located in Birmingham’s Chinese Quarter since 1994, The Glee Club’s claim to fame in that it was the first dedicated comedy club in the UK outside of London, with a venue following in Nottingham in 2010. That’s no mean feat. Since then, they’ve expanded, so now you can enjoy some stellar line-ups all over the country, namely in Cardiff, Glasgow, and Oxford too!

When? Glee boats incredible comedy nights most nights of the week. Secure your next night out here!

(Credit: @jackspiceradams)


4. Komedia Comedy Club, Brighton.

Where? 44-47 Gardner Street, Brighton, BN1 1UN

Why is it so great? We’re jumping down to the South coast for entry number four. With 25 years of comedy under their belts, these guys know what’s funny. Krater Comedy Club Comedy is the jewel of the south cast of England’s comedy scene, with 5 shows each weekend! Komedia’s aim today remains the same as 25 years ago – to offer customers a warm welcome, a wide choice of live entertainment, good service, bars and food, so that everyone with an appetite for life can enjoy a good night out.

When? Five nights a week, every week (COVID permitting…) right here.

(Credit: @Komedia)


5. Up the Creek, London.

Where? 302 Creek Rd, London, SE10 9SW

What makes it so great? Up the Creek is a south-east London institution founded by greatly missed Malcolm Hardee. It’s probably best known for its Sunday Special, showcasing an assortment of new acts and big names. They also host the infamous Blackout - the idea is for performers to have at least five minutes of comedy material…if not the stage is plunged into darkness as you hit The Blackout. if you last the whole five minutes, the music blares triumphantly, lights flash because congratulations, you beat the blackout!

When? Back after three whole lockdowns, Up the Creek is now hosting events most nights of the week. Check em out here.