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Are nightclubs the perfect remedy for our mental health?

With the last year or so completely void of social interaction outside the home, surely being immersed back into clubbing culture is the answer for our young generation. The pandemic has affected society as a whole with too many deaths and our mental health at an all time low. A night out is a simple solution, offering a utopia where you have the freedom to dance with friends and meet complete strangers again. Did you know there are facts and data out there that support this hypothesis - clubbing does benefit your mental health and here is why.


For example, the process of getting ready and probably the best part of going out! After all the planning is done and the tickets are booked (via the Licklist app) the simple joy of picking an outfit, makeup look and even choice of drink has a positive effect on your mental health (that’s if you’ve left yourself enough time!) We all love a bit of self-care and this ‘glow-up’ counts because looking after both your physical and mental wellbeing should be a priority. Even through your choice of fashion you are choosing to express yourself. And you know what, a nightclub is the perfect location for you to dress how you want whether that be the ‘true’ you or the person you long to be.


Okay so you are now in the club, you managed to get ready, get an uber and even get yourself a drink. Next on the agenda has to be to dance! Like many, Lockdown brought the Bridget Jones out of me as I became far too acquainted with dancing alone. However, now you are surrounded by happy people all with the same idea...to just dance. Not only is dancing a great full body workout and a great stress reliever but it is also psychologically linked to historical mating ritual. Which I guess makes sense, right? So, when we dance with someone we subconsciously judge their gendered value of bearing a child or protecting said child. In conclusion, dancing is sexy, and it is a sure way to find your perfect mate ;)


To successfully dance the night away the music has to be on point, and this is why it’s great to explore different venues, events and even live music. Finding what you are interested in will encourage you to make time for more. Studies have shown that seeing live music regularly can actually increase your life expectancy by up to nine years! Who needs vitamin C when you can watch some live music every now and then. 


A nightclub is a perfect escape from your everyday life, allowing the whole ‘don’t talk to strangers’ rule to end. While offering a little mystery and adventure it still guarantees a community, although only temporarily. Those strangers that became your friend for one night will have a positive effect on your mood. While crammed on that sweaty dance floor your body releases oxytocin - the ‘feel good hormone’ or also known as the ‘love drug’. This feeling of happiness occurs when we socially connect with others and according to science it reduces our experience of fear and anxiety. 


Overall, I think it can be said that clubbing culture is good for you. I believe this is the reassurance we all need this May, where the weather has reflected the sober reality of our social trauma and the focus of this Mental Health Awareness month. With continued hype for June 21st, make sure you take your time delving back into your nightlife. Why not have a practice run with friends in preparation, because there's nothing wrong with getting dolled up for the pub and dancing while sitting! 


Word by Jessica Daley