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Enter, Glam.

There are always plenty of new pubs and bars popping up around in and around London, but a new club? Take my money now please. As a self-confessed clubbing nerd, I feel a strong need to know everything about it, and exactly when it will open, and exactly when my friends and I can come and crash the party.

In an age where shipping container bars and exposed brick pop-ups are the norm, we could all do with a bit of a breath of fresh air. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a club night that feels a bit *luxe* - and isn’t ashamed of it. No one wants to come out of lockdown and straight into a gritty, dark, brutal club. It’s not 2014. Everyone is craving colour, light, and pillow-soft details. And you know what, that’s exactly what we *deserve*.

Enter Glam, a brand new and unique nightclub that reintroduces high-end décor, plush designs, and the kind of 90s-Barbie-doll vibe that we’re all in desperate need of at the moment. Glam is opening on 25th June in Shoreditch, the epicentre of new clubbing trends. Glam promises three unique spaces: the main room for music, a Ciroc-fronted VIP lounge, and Salon Privé, which offers cocktails and fusion food.

Founded by Paul Nelson and Carl McCormick, the duo see themselves as “going against the grain and redefining the glossy glam of the ’90s with a contemporary soundtrack.” Carl has been throwing super-exclusive parties for celebrities like Drake, Rhianna, and Prince, for years. Equally, Paul was the first person to obtain a legal rave license for his infamous Raindance parties. So, as you can tell, these two are at the top of their game.

Glam is throwing open it’s Charlie-scented doors from 25th June, following the treasured all-restrictions-lifted 21st June, with Michael Gray and Modeena headlining the return to raving. A very special live set from Alison Limmerick follows on Saturday 26th, with support from Jeremy Healy and Brandon Block.

90s throwbacks with a contemporary twist? Yes please. Find out more on their socials.


Words by Rebecca Clayton