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Top 10 Hangover Cures

Top 10 Hangover Cures



We all know the dreaded feeling. You've had a cracking night out with your mates, but have made the mistake of knocking back one too many. At the time, it seems like a great idea (everyone is funnier after a few too many beers, period), but downing more than we can handle and suffering the consequences the following day simply isn't as easy as it was when we were 18 - sad times.


Here’s where we step in. As seasoned party-goers, we have tried and tested the best (and worse) remedies for those pesky Sunday hangovers and are here to report the results, saving you the agony of having to try them for yourself. Take it from us, life will be good again!


Here is your definitive list of hangover cures to help you become human once more…


Switch to Soft

While the passage of time is the only true hangover cure, what you proceed to put into your body can play a big role in alleviating some of the unpleasant symptoms. We all know the old alternate water trick (one glass of water to every alcoholic beverage, what a chore), but did you know that some soft drinks have remedial qualities? The caffeine in some fizzy drinks can actually help soothe pounding headaches as well as raising your body’s glucose levels (which is code for making you less grumpy). This one really works! 


Light Relief

Serious hangovers leave us wanting nothing more than to stay curled up in bed with the duvet over our head, and that’s always an option. However, we’ve found that summoning up the energy to do something to distract yourself often helps. We don’t recommend anything too strenuous. Watching movies is always a good call, but make sure it’s one you’ve seen ten times already, so that you can fall asleep without having to catch up afterwards. Night night!


Go Bananas

If you went bananas on the dancefloor last night, going bananas again may be the only thing for it. This time, add honey. That’s right, our favourite porridge-topper is actually a renowned cure for hangovers. Bananas contain potassium which is an electrolyte we lose from sweating (no judgement, but we've seen you going HAM on the dancefloor), as well as containing vitamin C: an antioxidant which can relieve headaches and increase our energy. So, go bananas! 


Ugh… Gym

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that old wives’ tale that exercise makes you feel better might actually be true. The effort required to drag yourself out of bed when nursing a hangover already feels like a monumental effort, but doing some physical activity will help to get you back on the mend. Without getting too technical, exercise releases endorphins which counteract that feeling of regret we’re all too familiar with, as well as loosening the constricted blood vessels that cause headaches. Just remember to keep hydrated or you’ll be back to square one, and that’s not a square that anyone wants to revisit.


Orange you starting to feel better?

Your usual morning glass of orange juice just got a whole lot more important. Despite drinking the stuff since you were a kid, orange juice is actually an infamous treatment for grownups who have had one too many. OJ (minus the vodka) actually has an acid-neutralising effect as well as delivering potassium to the body, so it’s a must for rehydrating yourself after a heavy night on the town. We suggest taking yours with a full English on the side. Well, it can’t hurt, can it? 


Fiesta? More like siesta! 

This one is our personal favourite. There's not a lot that sleep can't cure, and hangovers are certainly among the treatable. Fatigue, headaches and irritability are all hangover symptoms that can be worsened by lack of sleep, so hitting the hay is genuinely advisable. Sweet dreams!


H2Oh my head!

We've only got one word for you: water. This free drink we usually take for granted is actually a miracle worker when it comes to hangovers. Increasing your water intake can help to alleviate hangover symptoms and even prevent them altogether. Bottoms up! 


Get Medicinal

The infamous solution to all ailments, the humble painkiller, has proven power to help with headaches and muscle cramps during your time of need. Take with a tall glass of water and snuggle down for a nap to increase their superpowers. 


Sweet Release

For some, the thought of a sugary treat when you're praying to the porcelain God is too much to swallow (quite literally). The truth is that drinking can cause your blood sugar to run low, so topping yourself up with some sweet treats may help you to feel less trembly. You can do this the healthier way with fruity snacks, or go all out on a twelve pack of doughnuts. No judgement here. 



No, we're not talking about your mates (partly because they'll all be in the same sorry state as you, right?). We are, of course, talking about the ultimate comfort viewing, Friends. The great thing about having millions of channels is that Friends is always guaranteed to be on, and it's lovable characters and hilarious gags just never get old. Could there be a better hangover cure?


If you’re currently hanging and have made it to the end of this guide, congratulations! We hope these tips will help you make it through the next 24 hours, by which time we promise you’ll start to feel slightly more like a human being. Ready for the next night out…


By Elise Harvey