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10 things you will experience during Freshers’ Week

Freshers’ Week will probably be the most eventful seven days of your life, but there are still certain things that are almost guaranteed to occur, no matter how crazy they seem. Keep reading, and hopefully they won’t come as too much of a surprise!


Some of the best times of your life that you will still remember (and bore people by retelling as anecdotal stories for years to come) will most definitely occur during Freshers’ Week. Never before and never again will a period as short as seven days be so jam packed with making new friends, exploring new places and experiencing new things. Despite the seeming craziness and unpredictability of Freshers’ Week, there are certain things that are practically guaranteed to take place at least once throughout the week, so why not gear yourself up for them now? Read on to prepare yourself for the roller coaster ride that is Freshers’ Week…

1. Regrettable Drunken Antics

For many students across the country, Freshers’ Week is the first time they will experience true independence and autonomy when it comes to things like curfews, dress codes and alcohol consumption. Like a kid in a sweet shop, this can often lead to getting swept up in the excitement of it all and making some pretty regrettable decisions as a result, one of which is often the decision to drink way too much. We all know the age-old student stories of stolen traffic cones, supermarket trollies and road signs, but the truth of the matter is that exceeding your drinking limit can have far more serious consequences: like, for example, hitting on your flatmate, which is never ever a good idea, so make sure you know your limits!


2. Finding your 5-minute Best Friend

Freshers’ Week is an intense time, so it’s no surprise that everything seems to happen at around 100 mph, including friendships. You might meet someone on your first day at uni and become convinced that you are officially best friends for life, before never seeing them again. Don’t worry, it’s not a reflection on you, it’s just the speed at which things move during the all-or-nothing period that is Freshers’ Week. You’ll find your true squad eventually, but for now just enjoy playing the friendship field and meeting as many new people as possible.


3. Answering the same questions over and over again

Where are you from? What do you study? What did you do at A-Level?
That’s right, prepare yourself to answer these monotonous questions time and time again throughout your first week at uni, and believe me when I say it becomes very boring very quickly. Perhaps have some fun by making up a new answer each time?