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The Bar With No Name


3,Fade Street
Dublin, Wexford D2


087 122 1064




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The Bar With No Name, 3,Fade Street 3,Fade Street, Dublin, Wexford D2


Nicolas Sidahmed

To avoid. The owner looked at our group and basically told us that he won't serve us. Probably doesn't like tourist... Very disapointing coming from a bar owner, doesn't pay any respect to a client .

Mads Clement

Really great place with unique cocktails. The only complaint I have is that it's Very Loud, but that's not the bar's fault. Just take caution if you want something quiet!

Ben Labbe

One of my favourite bars in the city center. They have a great terrace to sit outside during the day (not so much in the evening as then the place is full with smokers). They have a great selection of whiskey, beer and cider. Great alternative to the ubertouristy Temple Bar area. Gets a good lo read more

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