Happy Hour

We understand just how hard it is to be at work all day, and we definitely think you deserve a treat after a long day in the office - whatever kind of office that may be. And that's exactly why we're offering all classic cocktails 2- for- 1 as part of our #HappyHour deal. But why stop there? Why just have one happy hour? No thanks. We're of the persuasion that the more the merrier - which is why we've extended our Happy Hour to give you not just one but two whole (very) happy hours. Running from 5pm-7pm this gives you the perfect opportunity to just slip out of the office and head straight to the bar to ease the tension of the day. Or celebrate. Or just...y'know...drink.
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28 West Canary Wharf London, Greater London Tue, 1st Jan 2019

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