Manchester has it all.

Yep, Manchester has provided us with some truly wonderful things. Great football, great beer in the form of Boddingtons Brewary, and of course Corrie. Here at Licklist towers, whether you’re a red or a blue doesn’t matter. There’s only one thing we care about. Yep, you guessed it, the nightlife!

A night out in Manchester is one that you won’t forget soon. Whether you’re visiting friends at uni, out on a lad’s night or just looking for a nice place for a quiet drink, Manchester has it all to offer. From partying with premier league players to relaxing with a nice cocktail, we’ve got the guide for your Mancunian night out.

Suave and Elegance

If you’re looking for a classy night out and feel like spending some of your hard earned cash, head towards Deansgate or the Northern Quarter. With loads of old and quaint pubs, plenty of bars and some flashy clubs, you can do no wrong here.

Missoula is a regular hotspot for some of the best footballers in world. Serving great food at great prices until 9pm and offering a wide selection of cocktails, this place really does cater to you. Overlooking the famous Manchester canal and with great live music most weeknights, why not grab a drink and watch the sun set at a candle-lit table?

If you want something a bit wilder, after 10pm Missoula erupts into one of the U.K’s hottest clubs. Fire-breathers and stilt walkers provide much of the entertainment, while the well-trained and experienced bartenders whip up some of the nicest drinks money can buy. They definitely know how to put on a show.

But if cocktails and circus stunts aren’t you’re thing, don’t worry. There’s always Sakura just a short walk away. Multiple floors of music allow you to dictate exactly how you want your night to go. Whether you’re dancing to tech house on a Monday, or throwing shapes to some of your favourite tunes in the chart on a Friday, you won’t forget a night out at this twisted Tokyo-style club anytime soon.

If that doesn’t float your boat, just take a short walk down the canal to Tiger Tiger. Based in the city’s centre and with great deals on both food and drinks, this bar offers a nice alternative, especially if you’ve blown your budget the night before at Missoula. You’re guaranteed a nice night here at Tiger Tiger. After all, it’s free Karaoke on a Friday night!

But if hearing your friends commit to a course of lozenge therapy by screaming to One Direction isn’t what you like, there’s always 42nd Street or Factory 251. Similar to Tiger Tiger, these places offer a place to blow off steam on a budget. Crazy prices make these clubs great for students, particularly for those living off super-noodles and orange squash.

A bit more left field…

Being a major European city, you can always find a nice bar or club hidden down some random cobbled road. A new and popular club is Antwerp Mansion. With the aim of turning an old Victorian Mansion into a centre of art, music and photography, you’ll be in awe after two minutes of being in this place. During the day, the mansion is open for band practice and filming. But at night, the place let’s loose. Whether you’re spraying ASBO free paint on their graffiti wall or dancing to some of the biggest tunes out there, a night here is truly unforgettable.

Final score

With a student population of over 50,000 people, Manchester is always going to have huge nightlife that offers so much to everyone. Whether you’re partying in chic style on Deansgate or spray-painting your name on a wall at Antwerp Mansion, there really is something in the North West for everyone. The only real decision you have to make is where you’re going to go first!

By Gurjot Thind