Sun, Sea and Sangria… Ibiza, here we come!

The days are getting longer, the smell of freshly cut grass is in the air, and cricket coverage is once again dominating your sport channels. Yep, this means one thing… Summer is here! At Licklist, we can already hear Ibiza calling and those 5am Easyjet flights leaving.

For five months of the year, this small Mediterranean island plays host to some of the biggest global DJs and performers. With beautiful beaches, non-stop sun, and the liveliest, most exclusive nightclubs, Ibiza really is a place for party-lovers.

You could spend your summer at festivals, but lets be honest, nothing’s better than jetting off to an exotic club-capital with a few friends and enough sun cream to support a cricket team.

A stones-throw-away…

If you have a fear of flying, or just don’t fancy a long flight sat next to a screaming kid, you’re in luck. Ibiza’s only a short two hours away, so you’ll be on the beach in no time. With daily flights and loads of great deals, Ibiza is open to anyone who dares. The demand is too high for travel companies to ignore, so a quick online browse will definitely reveal some fantastic deals. Money well spent? I think so.

What’s on…

What’s not on? Every club offers something special this summer. Whether you fancy some synth-loaded electronic or bass-heavy dance, there’s something for everyone.

Steve Aoki unpacks his headphones at Pacha this year. The world renowned DJ will be hosting two nights each week, undoubtedly playing some the biggest tunes and attracting some of the music industry’s most famous figures. If Pacha isn’t really your scene, there’s still loads on offer. For years, Privilege has been known as the biggest dance floor in Europe. With 25-meter high ceilings and a wide, open dance floor, it’s no wonder Tiësto makes this his summer residency. If it all gets too much for you, there’s always a swimming pool outside to cool off in. But be warned, use the pool at your own peril.

Here at Licklist we completely understand what going to Ibiza means. Drinking… and lots of it! Although the clubs open late, there’s still plenty to do. Perhaps one of the nicest parts of the island is San Antonio, which provides the perfect location for you to spend the day tanning (burning) in the sun. Alongside the glamorous harbour and white beaches, a row of palm trees lead you directly to some of the best bars in Spain. Café del Mar provides partygoers with a peaceful spot to watch the sunset, sip a Bloody Mary and undoubtedly nurse that never-ending hangover. Styled out as a yacht, this original Ibiza bar combines comfort with style. And if you don’t feel better after a drink… try six.

San Antonio still has more to offer with Golden Buddha, Mint or Savannah combining to form the main strip in Ibiza, offering endless entertainment at all times of the day.

Slowing things down…

We understand that non-stop drinking can cripple you, both physically and financially. You might feel like you need a holiday from your holiday. Well, Ibiza’s got that covered too, with countless activities on offer. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, San Antonio has water-skiing, parasailing and scuba diving during the day; the perfect hangover cure after a Jäger-fuelled night in Pacha. If that’s too much, why not check out Las Salinas, Ibiza’s beautiful salt flats. Located on the southern tip of the island, the sunset it unbeatable.

Ibiza really is a unique place. With beautiful beaches and plentiful clubs, Ibiza combines everything that we love here at Licklist… sun, beaches and relentless parties. There’s no better place to blow your hard-earned cash and indulge in that cheeky holiday!

By Gurjot Thind