Never a dull night in Dublin!

Dublin has produced some of the greatest writers, poets and playwrights to have ever written the English language. Bursting full of tradition and with a proud history, it’s no surprise that the city has been named European Capital of Culture so many times. But if hearing about James Joyce and Seamus Heaney simply takes you back to those hot summer days in the classroom, starring blankly at your GCSE English Anthology book and wishing you were anywhere else in the world, here at Licklist, we know how you feel. 

Yep, there’s loads to see in Dublin. From St. Patrick’s Cathedral to Croke Park, there definitely isn’t a dull day. Here at Licklist, we have everything you need to make sure there isn’t a dull night either! Dublin plays host to some of the UK’s wildest and most outrageous parties. Whether you enjoy hearing some local talent ruin the work of Bon Jovi on an acoustic guitar or just fancy a night on the town, this city has it all to offer.

Where to start…

The Temple Bar area of Dublin is a hotspot for tourists. During the weekend, the area is usually taken over by English Stag and Hen parties, all of whom can’t handle their Guinness and are convinced they can pull of a credible Irish accent. That said, if you’re willing to deal with English tourists, who can’t quite understand the exchange rate, there are plenty of options and hidden gems in this area.

Firstly, the Porterhouse on Parliament Street is great for beer connoisseurs. With one of the most diverse beer lists, this bar really does provided you with a little taste from all over the world. A short stroll from Parliament Street takes you to The Quays in Temple Bar Square. Although this pub is tourist-central, everyone always has a great time. Live music all day, every day makes it one of Dublin’s busiest bars. You’re guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face. Slightly more chic and sophisticated, The Morgan bar, situated in The Morgen Hotel, provides the perfect setting for you to relax with some friends for some early evening cocktails. There’s always a great selection of cocktails on offer here at reasonable prices.

Although a night out in the Temple Bar area is always fun, most of these bars close before midnight and so this isn’t really the place for people who wanna dance the night away. It is however, the perfect place to start your epic Irish night out.

The Main Course…

Being quite a small city, most of the best bars and clubs are all within a short ten-minute walk of each other. One place that’s always full of club lovers is The Village. The biggest nights here are either Throwback Thursday, where you can hear some of your favourite eighties Hip Hop and RnB Tunes, or Residence Friday, where some of the best national and international House and Techno acts are showcased. Open seven nights a week, with loads of live music and usually with some great offers on drinks, you’ll struggle to find a better place to go. Alternatively, there’s always The Church. Open during the day as an incredible restaurant with an even better beer garden, this old, converted building now houses some of Dublin’s most chic night outs. On a Friday and Saturday, the Church Cellar turns into a hive of party-lovers from all over the world. Long gone are the days of mass and confession here!

If you want a more stylish night out, look no further than Lillie’s Bordello. Overlooking Dublin’s Trinity College and with a strictly ‘sophisticated’ dress code in place, Lillie’s Bordello is regularly regarded as Ireland’s most prestigious club. The club is decked out with art on the wall, a grand piano and an eye-pleasing bar. Alongside all of this, it’s the perfect place for parties or events. With three lavish rooms available for hire, you’ll struggle to find a more elegant venue in Dublin, if not the whole of Ireland. Although it is a lot pricier here, this unique club definitely leaves you feeling like royalty.

Good news for fans of classical music and Jazz, Dublin has something for you too. Originally opened as a film theatre in 1963, the Sugar Club is now home to the most suave club in Dublin. With Burmese wood panels covering the walls, plush banquette seating and an incredible sound system, there’s no better place to get a full viewing and listening experience. Often filled with incredible cocktails and the swinging sound of Frank Sinatra, the club puts on some of the best jazz and cabaret performances around. So why not sit back with an Arnold Palmer and slowly drift into what will feel like a black and white movie.

So what do you reckon….

Dublin is a city that just keeps on giving. With tradition, history and culture on offer during the day and some of the UK’s best clubs open at night, there’s no better place to be! So pack your bags, get your Euros and remember your passport… Dublin is so close, you can almost taste the Guinness.

By Gurjot Thind