Sharm el-Sheikh, oh-so-chic

As summer sweeps into view, the days are getting longer, hotter and more knackering. Here at Licklist, we’ve got the perfect cure to your problems… a super-stylish trip to Sharm el-Sheikh of course. Sometimes called the ‘City of Peace’, there’s nowhere better to go than this chilled out and mellow holiday destination.

With a whole load of bars and exclusive venues, this Egyptian haven provides the perfect setting for you to forget all your tedious and boring troubles at home. You really will have a grand old time here. So grab your sun cream and mosquito repellent, the Red Sea awaits!

Where to start? Known for its numerous clubs and bars, Sharm el-Sheikh provides you a different experience every night. Camel Bar is a good place to start. Chic and sophisticated, this bar is the perfect place for all different types fun-lovers. Whether you’re just having a quiet drink or are taking advantage of the karaoke machine in the back, you’re guaranteed to leave this place with a smile on your face. But if you don’t fancy watching sun burnt tourists ruin the work of Bon Jovi or Oasis, there’s always the Camel Bar terrace. This hidden gem, which overlooks the Naama Bay, is the perfect place to relax with a cocktail and breathe in the Arabian air.

Then there’s Pangaea, situated smack-bang in the middle of Soho Square. A favourite spot for club-lovers everywhere, Pangaea is the only place in Sharm el-Sheikh (and probably the rest of Egypt) where a huge tiger’s head hangs over the dance floor, watching as you swing and swerve the night away. With their DJs being on top form, be prepared for some awesome hip-hop and R&B tunes. But there really is something for everyone. The award-wining bartenders entertain the visiting crowds, making good use of the completely safe combination of fire and alcohol, putting on a great show every night. A night at Pangaea really is an unforgettable experience.

Ice Bar is a really cool place (excuse the pun) and something everyone should experience. We’re not just taking about a bar with a random Ice statue in the corner… Literally everything is ice! The walls, the bar, the ceiling, the floor. There’s no better place to escape the Arabian sun. Upon entering, you’re instantly provided with layers, a free drink and a wide choice of vodka shooter. If you ask us, no better welcome exists!

The Oxygen and Electric Bar is definitely a breath of fresh air. No other venue in Egypt lets you groove the night away while inhaling a whole different load of aromas and flavours. Weird right? Apparently it’s meant to clear your head, and unwind your body by relaxing you – you’re on holiday, you might as well make the most of it! This expensive bar gives you a chance to meet the very trendy and wealthy lot of Sharm el-Sheikh. Take advantage of the situation, who knows who you’ll meet.

Pacha is one of Sharm el-Sheik’s most popular clubs. With a massive open-air space, it really is one of the most incredible venues around. It definitely ticks the ‘yes’ box for us here at Licklist. The venue provides a perfect combination of old and new, where a modern international nightclub meets classical Arabic architecture. With it’s completely over-the-top decorations, chandeliers and disco balls, it definitely has that something special. Terraces for the VIP tables surround the entire dance floor, and if you want a night of luxury you can even reserve a private balcony with a salon and bathroom just for you and your friends.

Pacha doesn’t stop there though. A towel is a serious recommendation. After all, you may find yourself at one of their foam parties or might just fancy a dip in one of their pools. If that doesn’t excite you, there’s always great music on offer. The huge stage plays host to some of the best bands around, while Pacha’s incredible sound system attracts the likes of David Guetta on the decks. So you’re definitely guaranteed a jaw-droppingly amazing night – and just think, all you need is your swimsuits!

Sharm el-Sheikh is one of the most exotic club-capitals in the world. This Arabian haven simply aims to impress all its guests. Here at Licklist, we’re convinced it does! Trust us, you won’t be disappointed. 

By Gurjot Thind