Cocoon in the Park ’17

· Cocoon In The Park

We at Licklist Towers often ask ourselves when we’re going to emerge from the chrysalis of our current selves into the beautiful visions we’re destined to become. In a similar vein, we can’t wait for this year’s Cocoon in the Park!

What, When, Where?

The Cocoon is set to — explode? Dissolve? We don’t know enough about the process to continue this line of metaphors. Anyway, the festival will be on 8 July. It’s at Temple Newsam in Leeds, and you can pick up tickets here: http://cocooninthepark.seetick rk-2017/temple-newsam-leeds/10 58437.

The Music

As always, there’s an incredible lineup ready and waiting. We’ve got the likes of Sven Väth, Adam Beyer, and Joseph Capriati performing, as well as Richy Ahmed, Alex & Digby, Annie Errez, and Bobby O’Donnell. It’s a feast for the ears! (Do butterflies have ears? We’ll stop.)

Strictly VIP

A VIP ticket will get guests a private festival space, where they can chill and enjoy the acts from a raised platform; a glamorous VIP bar with an extended drink selection; express entry to area venues; an exclusive VIP lounge; and, most importantly, classy VIP toilets. You’re worth the expense!

The Afterparty

Ready for the afterparty (in the hotel lobby)? We all know the most fun happens after the main event. Tickets will be on sale soon, with details to follow!

With that, we’re off to prepare. See you glam caterpillars there!


Sian Kitchener