Tranz-mission Outdoor Festival

Attention…all you ravers out there make sure you add this impressive festival event to your to do list this year! The ultimate London rave festival – ‘Tranz-mission Outdoor Festival’ is approaching this Sunday 25th September at Finsbury Park!

The festival first launched back in 1992 at Alexandra Palace and ever since been a great success and only recently moved to Finsbury Park with the likes of art instalments, activities, big top tents and bashing music to keep you partying all night long!

What’s on?

This year’s line-up is definitely one to not miss out on with the pleasure of ‘Slammin Vinyl’, a former record label company and successful merchandise brand but more importantly now ‘the biggest rave promoters to ever come out of London’ and still competitively doing well for themselves. The ‘Slammin Vinyl Main Stage’ will be presenting the following top acts, GrandMaster Flash- the famous New York DJ, Ratpack- ‘Lipmaster Mark & Evenson Allen’, ‘Sasasas’- featuring the drum and bass legendary group, ‘Slim Matt’ – where a 60 minutes’ worth of tracks approved of by the public will be popping, ‘HBS Live’- including drum and bass DJ’s, ‘Darren Style’ – the talented songwriter and DJ, ‘DJ Luck & MC Neat’ – including the UK Garage music track ‘A Little bit of Luck’, ‘Fabio & GrooveRider’ – featuring ultimate jungle and drum and bass tracks, ‘DJ Hype’ – the hackney DJ bashing rave tunes and last but not least the great ‘Artful Dodger’ – combined of the best two UK garage DJs!

If that’s not all, there will be also be a lot more top promoters organising the event, including, ‘One Nation & Jungle Fever’, which involves two drum and bass promoters that have launched events at Brixton Academy, The Astoria, Wembley Conference Halls and so on. ‘Sun City’ will also be getting involved who have been running for 21 years as UK Garage music promoters. ‘Raindance’ are one of the oldest raving promotion companys, dating back to the 1980’s. ‘Kool Fm’ have also been in the game for a very long time, as long as 25 years ago as a ‘Rave Scene Institution’ based in London. ‘Hardcore Heaven’, originated back in 2005 at the previous Alexandra Palace ‘Tranz-mission outdoor’ events. Last but not least, ‘Acid Trnzmsn & Jenkins Lane’ will be hosting electronic sounds in the VIP Arena. Make sure you take up the VIP offer and be spoilt for choice! You will have the benefit of, ‘fast-track priority entrance’, your very own ‘private bar’, your very own ‘posh’ laboratories, and your own VIP exclusive area with access to the stars such as, ‘Mr C, Danny Rampling’, and more! What more could you possibly ask for?!

Travel & Accomodation

Finsbury Park is best located via public transport, so go eco-friendly, especially when parking will be a nightmare! There will be underground trains and buses running just the opposite side of the road to the event itself at Finsbury Park…now that’s what I call convenient! Trains leading to the event can be spotted on the Piccadilly and Victoria Lines and to and from the popular Kings Cross station. Being in the heart of London, there are many fancy cheap hotels local to the event. A few I highly recommend include, ‘Central Park Hotel’ which is only a four-minute walk from the festival. ‘Best Western London Highbury Hotel’ which beautifully overlooks the Finsbury Park itself and a more convenient alternative involves, ‘Finsbury Serviced Apartments’ which is only a two-minute stroll from the Finsbury Park tube station. Otherwise, if you download the application, ‘Airbnb’ on your computer or mobile phone then you can become a true Londoner and choose from a wide range of stunning apartments near the event at a competitive price!


Don’t miss out on the UK’s spectacular rave festival and buy your tickets now on, /

You can also buy tickets for lockers at the festival for £10, so your belongings are safely secured… as no one wants to boogie with the inconvenience of heavy baggage!


By Stephanie Smith