Get Down with Rock Royalty at Download

· Download Festival

Download Festival needs little introduction. The mecca of rock festivals, attracting thousands of people each year, with the biggest rock line-up anywhere in the country; if you don’t know about it, you must have been living under some kind of boulder for the last decade. The self-proclaimed UK Premier Rock Festival, at the spiritual home of rock, Donington Park, this year, like all those previous, is not one to be missed. Taking place on the 10-12th June, with numerous camping and ticket options, an incredible line-up, and so much more, all us folk at Licklist are here to tell you why you really should be making the pilgrimage to rock’s favourite festival this summer.

Roast Rammstein

First and foremost, the line-up looks like the music-curator gods have decided to bestow upon us the greatest rock gift they could possibly come up with. The headliners are worth the price of the ticket alone; honestly, we’re not joking, they are frickin’ ridiculous. First up on the Friday are Rammstein. Ok, so they’ve got a pretty impressive musical catalogue. Actually, a very impressive catalogue. But that’s not even what we’re most excited about. If you’re clued up about rock music, which I’m sure you are, then you’ll know all about Rammstein’s live shows. For those of you who don’t know, let me put it this way; expect pyrotechnics, and lots of them. Fans have even coined the motto, ‘Other bands play, Rammstein burns!’ And leader singer Till Lindemann has decided to become a qualified pyrotechnician; don’t be fooled however. This does not mean he’s the one making sure everyone’s following elf’n’safety regulations. This crazy muthaf*cka has been known to spend entire songs head to toe in flames, and has suffered multiple burns on multiple occasions. He actually burns alive while he plays. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see a chargrilled Lindemann rocking out on stage on a Friday night?

The Madness Continues

 And then on the Saturday, they’ve got Black Sabbath. You know, no biggie. Just one of the greatest heavy metal bands ever to do it. Pioneers of heavy metal music, genre-defining releases, 70 million records sold worldwide. MTV ranked them as the Greatest Metal Band of all time, Rolling Stone had them in their 100 Greatest Artists of All Time, while they’ve also been inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. So yeah, not a bad way to spend your Saturday evening. Not much more needs to be said, really.