Beginner’s Guide to Nottingham Splendour

· Splendour Festival

Where: Wollaton Park, Nottingham

When: 23/07/2016

Cost: £49.50 for Standard Entry, £38.50 with City Card

Highlights:Jess Glynne,  The Human League, The Fratellis, The Darkness

What is it?

Ahh, Splendour fest - a Nottingham grown tradition. In the past few years, there’s been a surplus of brand new festival contenders bursting out of the underbrush and fighting for their place in the sun but Splendour fest stands tall among the pretenders in all its..well, splendour. Starting out in 2008 as a celebration of fresh talent, headed by a handful of bigger names, Splendour is going to be celebrating it’s eighth birthday this year and it’s trotting out one of its most impressive line ups to date for the occasion. What we love about this one, pals, is that Nottingham Splendour is a bit of a love letter to Nottingham itself; the local talent is often given a bit of a leg up, the fest takes place right smack bang in the middle of the city itself and they offer a discounted rate to Nottingham locals.  With that in mind, the fest has become something of a institution and we’re gonna let you in on how you guys can get in on Nottingham’s best summer day out.

What’s the Line Up?

Everyone loves a good line up, eh? Well, evidently everyone in Nottingham does, as Splendour has always had a knack for attracting the right concoction of old skool industry powerhouses and fresh music talent right before they begin their ascension to superstardom. This year, Splendour is looking to pay serious homage to some of the iconic lynchpins that hold the tapestry of rock history together. UB40 and the Human League will wield their axes on stage again in Wollaton park, plus 90’s demons The Darkness are gonna powerslide into the forefront of Splendours Confetti stage. To complement the vintage anthems comes Jess Glynne whose mainstage headline position only serves to remind us that she is going to be a force to be reckoned with over the next few years. Fellow Weegies the Fratellis have enjoyed a Lazarus revival last year after their post hiatus album release and are riding the wave to play in Wollaton park. Do not miss, pals. Doctors orders.

What do I need to know?

Nae camping, I’m afraid. I mean it makes sense, it’s a one day event and it’s in Nottingham’s biggest public park. It does, however, mean you’ll have to sort yourself out with some accommodation, boys and girls. Got a wee link for you here to the locally recommended options -http://www.splendourfestival.c om/accomodation/ - and ticket options are available here http://www.splendourfestival.c om/tickets/. I will say this, if you are Nottingham resident then you likely have a Nottingham City Card. If you are in possession of said card, you get a discounted ticket price of £38.50 which is an absolute steal for a fest of this size. If you somehow managed to be a resident of Nottingham yet don’t already know about this deal then heed this advice; get. them. bought. Also worth pointing out is the VIP options also qualify for this discount. And if you hold a young person’s City Card then you get an even greater discount. So to you locals I say show your hometown some love. To everybody else, come on down and see what all the fuss is about. We’ll see you in the crowds!


Kyle Cairns