Cream presents DJ EZ at Brixton Academy (The Review)

· O2 Academy Brixton

Thanks to the world-renowned Cream group I was able to get a cheeky last minute night out at one of London’s leading music venues on Saturday. The global electronic event promoters teamed up with garage DJ star EZ , and boy did they bring Brixton's o2 academy to it’s knees.

The event took place from 9pm and finished at 3! I arrived at 9 purely due to the excitement of being a lucky pass holder to this exclusive night. Even though it was so early, the anticipation was building and queues were growing. People were outside running around trying to find on the door ticket sellers. They looked like desperate retrievers unable to get to the treat that awaited them just a set of doors away.

A DJ played some modern house and garage for a couple of hours, occasionally swapping with his friend so he could stop for a drink. By 11:30, the crowd had grown and was getting lively. There were girls shaking it, Boys trying to look cool and a few people getting ejected by security. It all gets too much for some! Still, the atmosphere was buzzing, there was ever a dull moment.

Loud cheers and shouts of 'EZ' filled the room when he braced the stage. The floor was packed out with happy ravers when he started his set and he went through some of his old classics to really get the crowd going. The venue was full yet still had plenty room for the revellers to shake their thing.

EZ's set was solid as ever. Technically perfect. Spun to perfection. Nailed all his mixes. Went through old to modern favourites, classics and a few I'd not heard before. The system was booming, crowd friendly and the lighting fantastic as always. Keeping up the pace, he raced through a collection of thumping, high power tracks, which had the audience going wild right until the end.

Having never been to the academy before, I was skeptical about the type of cliental and had concerns of ending up being shoved to the floor with my jack Daniels and coke splashed all over my freshly washed jeans. However, the event was run flawlessly and I would definitely recommend the venue to anyone that asks. Especially if it’s anything put on by Licklist’s pals at Cream. As for DJEZ himself (even though I’m still recovering from the most epic night of 2016 so far) I’m already glued to his shows section on his website. Unfortunately his next events are in California and other USA hotspots, my bank account won’t get me that far but  I’m seriously considering Mutiny festival Portsmouth at the end of this month as he’s booked in to headline!  He’s listed to do quite a few UK fest’s this summer: http://www.djez.c om/shows/ it’s just a shame he’s got no solo gigs scheduled in. It really is a one-man show. But I’ll keep looking that’s for sure!


Brendon Berczely