A Beginners Guide to Parklife 2016


Parklife. One of the fastest growing festivals in the UK. Starting off in Platt Fields park, it has now taken over the city, and is now based at our event haven Heaton Park. With over 50,000 festival goers worldwide uniting at this Mancunian party - you are almost guaranteed to leave with more than just the memories. You’ll probably wake up with a glowstick necklace, glitter in your pants and mud pouring out your wellies. But its all worth it to see your favourite artists and new proffy pics of you and the squad.

In six years, this festival has been catapulted into the critically acclaimed standards of music festivals; with DJ’s spanning from Major Lazer to Ice Cube this year - it acquires to everyones musical taste buds. Starting in June 2010, Warehouse Project legends have dubbed this one of this the biggest events alongside reputable gigs like Lovebox, Bestival and Creamfields. Whether it is indie, house, pop or r’n’b, you are sure to find a tent to pitch up in for the weekend and sing/ dance your heart out.


We are here to give you a step by step guide in getting your mind blown and your shoes dirty. As with all festivals there are a number of rules, to keep you crazy kids in check, as well as a good idea of which tent to hit up first to see your favourite artists. Earth Wind and Fire are even making an appearance; I shit you not. This is actually happening. Whether you are an avid Parklife party head or a Parklike virgin - don’t worry - we got this.

This sounds pretty standard, but I am sure you lovely ladies who have had a Brazilian blow-dry for your new weave and spent 2 hours sitting in MAC to look like Kylie Jenner at prom; will not be happy about getting soaking wet. This is Manchester. It likes to rain. At least 75% of the year. There is only so much you can edit a selfie. So check the forecast; and don’t cry, over half of the park will be wearing different coloured Rain macs. It may even be a thing now?! Brollies are a nogo, and I bet you don’t want to see your hat flying off like a hot air balloon, so get a big old parka, a rain mac or a hoodie under your edgy denim jacket and you will be sweet. Lads - I am sure you are just happy to be surrounded by half naked women listening to your fave artists, whack on a snapback, and problem solved.

As the festival gets bigger year by year - there are more rules. For your safety, and for their sanity - they want you all to be safe! No booze, no drugs, no glass, no anti-perspirant, no man bags. NO MAN BAGS?! Don’t worry boys, this rule is a blessing in disguise. These rules don’t mean you won’t have a good time and smell like BO. It is still going to be one unbelievable weekend of boozing with the gang and taking so many videos that ‘memory full’ is the only thing that will break your heart. Best items to take for you ladies; some lippy, some cash and ID, ticket and phone. Boom. Everything essensh all packed and ready to party.

Parklife are very good at accommodating to your needs in terms of getting to the venue. Unfortunately they don’t have private planes for you to jet in with Hot Since 82 on the decks or Years and Years serenading you so you rock up with puffy eyes. No. It’s even better. PUBLIC TRANSPORT. Manchester’s big fave. Pre book your travel in - buses run from town and from Fallowfield. If you’re getting a taxi in - pre-book. Well in advance. I would even recommend there and back! Back in time to carry on partying in the warmth at any fate-party that will have you and wake up for vodka breakfast take 2.

Party Plan
Heaton Park is a MAZE. You can walk for miles and still end up next to the burger van you started at. So grab a lanyard when you get in - share between the group, and make a beeline for the best tent to wet the whistle of your musical taste buds. We have Main Stage, Big Top 1, The Temple and many more harbouring the DJ’s we all know and love; make sure you pop to the toilet and grab a beer first, as once you’re in; theres a very small chance you will make it out alive.

An outstanding venue, unbelievable acts and a weekend you will never forget. See you there Licklisters!


By Jasmine Danaher