Amsterdam Nightlife

Whether it’s the extraordinary history, the infamous red light district or the equally infamous coffee shops, Amsterdam is rich with local colour and invites visitors to seek out its many hidden treasures. After marveling at the canals that run through streets filled with wonky buildings, not to mention avoiding a clip from a passing cyclist it’s the perfect time to take in Amsterdam’s nightlife. 

Thanks to the diversity that makes the city such a popular destination you won’t be left wanting as every side street is home to something to take your fancy. Whilst there’s an abundance of nightclubs to check out we’re going to start you off with something a little different, namely the Maxim piano bar. 

A personal favourite when we visited the city the Maxim piano bar is the perfect starting point for a night out. Home to some of the friendliest waiters in Amsterdam Maxim has a wide selection of beers and spirits available, all brought to your table for you to enjoy as the in-house pianist takes requests throughout the evening. Be prepared to forget the time and end up spending the night, which is by no means a bad thing. 

Now when you’re ready to head out to the clubs you’ll want to head straight for the Rembrandtplein in the city centre. Here you’ll find a lot of Amsterdam’s most popular spots, one of which is Escape. Open Thursday – Sunday Escape is home to some of the hottest nights in the city, covering house, pop, techno and dance. Inside you’ll find not only to the main club but also the DeLux bar, the Studio, the Lounge and the Caffe, making Escape one of the most diverse nightlife experiences in the city and not to be missed if you’re out and about. 

If the night’s in need of a change of scenery it’s a short walk out of Escape to Studio 80. Tailored towards the more musically minded, Studio 80 hosts the finest electronic dance artists, live bands, DJs and producers. With regular nights like Goodbye Dear Friends, WKND and Black Box this a must for those of you who enjoy discovering new and exciting artists. 

The classier of you folks will want to leave Rembrandtplein and head to the docklands where you’ll find Club Panama. This 1,050 capacity club features some of the best sound in the city not to mention a variety of VIP packages to choose from. It’s one of the finest places in the city to sit back and relax with a delicious drink and enjoy some of the best up-and-coming DJs before losing it on the dance floor. 

Finally there’s Club Closure, which is perhaps everything that Panama is not and that’s no discredit to either. Minimalist and underground, Club Closure is a dimly lit, sweaty and vibrant club where the only rule is to enjoy the music. Both local and international talent explore an eclectic mix of disco, house and techno making for some of the most intense nights in Amsterdam. 

We reckon that’s more than enough to get you started so start booking flights and planning nights!