Snowbombing Festival 2016

 Between April 4th-9th Snowbombing 2016 takes to the Austrian Alps. Located at the Mayrhofen ski resort in Austria, Snowbombing offers so many things that it’s best you sit down before reading on. Widely regarded as one of Europe’s finest resorts Mayrhofen is an amazing getaway before you’ve even sampled anything Snowbombing has lined up. With both skiing and snowboarding available from day one you’d be foolish not to catch a lift to the summit only to careen back down. If you’re a beginner or feeling a little rusty there are lessons for both skiing and boarding so there’s no need to let your pride get the better of you and missing out. However, if hurtling down the Alps doesn’t do it for you then why not watch the pros compete in Snowbombing’s 3-day competition “Ride and Seek”?

Whilst the slopes are all well and good it’d be criminal to skip out on what sets Snowbombing apart. Firstly there’s the lineup, which is one of the best the festival has seen in recent years. With live performances from The Prodigy, Jungle, Netsky, Andy C and so many more we wouldn’t blame you for reaching for your bankcard right now. Secondly, there’s the sheer amount of venues around the site, each with its own their own unique and crazy entertainment.

Snowbombing really uses every inch of Mayrhofen. Once you descend back to ground level the high street has a wealth of bars and restaurants to choose from as well as an adventure swimming pool!  

If the excitement is all getting a little too much you and your friends can start the party a few days before everyone else with Snowbombing’s very special road trip. Beginning at Chatham ski slope the road trip passes through 5 countries before arriving in Mayrhofen where the convoy will be greeted by a congratulatory procession. It’s one of the greatest additions to a festival we’ve seen and what’s even better is only one person in your party needs to pay for the privilege so it can be split amongst everybody.

If we’re honest we’ve really only covered a very small percentage of Snowbombing but take our word for it, there’s a lot! However, as you’d expect tickets and additional passes don’t come cheap and even the thriftiest of you will see a substantial hole left in your account after getting tickets, but we guarantee it’ll be worth it.  So if we’ve enticed you we suggest you either get saving or cross everything off your list to Santa.


By Chris Mackin