Lola Lo

When a night out in Hawaii is just too difficult to achieve, perhaps you’ll find what you’re looking for at Lola Lo, minus the neighbouring beach of course but hey this is the closest you’ll come to tropical bliss. Alright, I know what you’re thinking, ‘I’ve been to a million of these so called themed bars and they’re all the same’. Trust me, I know. What does the UK know about tropical? We have approximately one week of summer every year. But Lola Lo focuses on sophistication with the essence of tropic. Stemmed from Eclectic Bar Group, a leading operator of premium bars in the UK, The Tiki bar has an intimate setting complete with interior bamboo, hand carved woods, relevant lighting, a unique dancefloor, rustic décor, private booths, and bubbly bar tenders.

Speaking of bar tenders, did I mention Lola Lo offers a cocktail masterclass? It might not be for everyone but get your friends down, your mum, partner, dog (I’m not sure about this one, maybe check with Lola Lo first), and have a laugh whilst spilling your half made porn star martini over your masterclass teacher. That may not be the case; who knows, you could be a cocktail genius. Whether you’re planning for a hen party, surprise birthday celebration, or just any type of get-together, choose from your favourite cocktails with that added Lola Lo twist and start mixing! If you’d rather skip the masterclass then not to worry, as there are plenty of drinks to choose from, in fact, there are over thirty cocktails that you can indulge in. These include classic drinks of course, mixers, and sure you try their infamous Easter Island Surprise or the Daddy Moai. For those of you with a more acquired taste Lola Lo has a range of white, red and rose wines, plus Champagnes aaaaaaand sparkling wines.

In terms of music, their DJ’s play anything from club classics to contemporary, so there’s no need to worry about everyone shuffling to repetitive house music (I ain’t judging).

Students, yes you are a privileged bunch. As well as student nights, sign up for a loyal student card which guarantees a bunch of cheap deals, so you can blow off some steam after that long essay, am I right or am I right? Okay don’t go too crazy, the name Lola Lo is not inspired by Lindsay Lohan, just saying.

Entry price really depends on what day or time you go. But for the most part it’s free before 11pm when you pop your name on the guestlist online. With special events, make sure to purchase your tickets online too.

If you’re stuck on a prezzie, don’t settle for something that will cause that awkward exchange, you know exactly what I mean, “Yeah it’s great, thanks.” “I’m glad you like it.” “So erm, is there a receipt in case anything happens to it?” “Oh right yeah, here it is.” Grab some Lola dollars instead, a £50 voucher provides the user with £50 to spend on bookings or drinks. Lola Lo Dollars are available to buy directly from the club.

Whether you’re a southerner, a northerner, or sitting pretty up there in Scotland, Lola Lo has you covered. With bars located in Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Derby, Edinburgh, Lincoln, Manchester, Reading, and Oxford, it’s not too difficult to hit this place up.

Lola Lo is open most of the week, but the days vary depending on which city you go to, so check online before you go!


By Cherise Chana