1BigNightOut Bus Parties

Bus journeys are like entering the unknown. Who will I bump into this time? If it’s that lad who talks way too much should I nod along or pretend I’m getting a phonecall? Is there even enough money on my Oyster card? Why the hell haven’t I learned how to drive yet?! Perhaps a 1BigNightOut Bus Party could transform your outlook on buses forever. Well of course you’re going to love it, it’s a party bus for heavens sake, what’s not to like?

If you’re the kind of person who loves to party, is all about that social buzz, and likes to go to multiple bars rather than just one, this is for you. 1 Big Night Out generally caters to Londoners, students, and backpackers, but of course they welcome anyone who loves a good bar crawl.

You’ll be driven around in a swanky bus to some of the best bars and clubs in the West End, where you can enjoy drinks with awesome discounts. The ultra cool party bus will take you to four different venues whilst you carry on with the party on your journey; it’s literally non-stop partying.

The bus features an awesome sound system, two dancefloors due to the fact it’s a bus (duh), a fridge full of drinks, LED lights, and limo styled seating; yep it’s definitely far from your average bus.

Tickets cost £25, which is a hella good deal if you ask me; I’m sure we all spend more than this in one club, oops. Your ticket will include entry to all 4 venues that you will be visiting, queue jump at all the clubs, and your party on the night bus. So basically 1BigNightOut’s aim is 24/7 partying, no one’s complaining.

You will be lead by your fellow tour guide around London, you know, just in case you have a little too much to drink and stumble into the River Thames instead of the bus. I’m kidding, no strictness, just awesome tour guides to fuel your fun filled night. Have a peek on their Instagram where you can see pictures from past nights, and there’s also a Youtube channel with a couple of videos from their pub crawls, just so you can get the general jist of what it’s like.

1BigNightOut is all about having a great time whilst meeting and mixing with new people, so how about it?!

Be sure to check out their Halloween events coming up, such as the Ghostbustours Night Bus on the 30th of October.




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‘Partytime excellent!’


By Cherise Chana