Manchester Halloween

Ladies and Gentlemen, phantom and spook, haunting season is on the horizon and it’s kind of a big deal.  As varied as it is impressive, the world famous clubbing scene of Manchester will be serving first-rate Halloween events from its top nightclubs, catering to every feverish wish list. You want something that will satisfy the trick-or-treating urges of your inner child? Done! A night less spooky and more sultry? Got it!                                                                                                                              

We know sifting through the hoards of Halloween shindigs can be a perilous task, but don’t sweat the small stuff, one of these October 31st events are sure to whet your appetite.  

The Milton Club : “All Hallows”

Located in the heart of Manchester and known as the embodiment of “style and warmth”, The Milton Club delivers “All Hallows”; a night that’ll drip an ambience of sophistication, exploring Halloweens less seen face of decadence and mystery.  The evening will begin at 7pm, edging you into the spook mood with relaxed music and a bars feel.

Steering away from fancy dress, unless you’re deciding to flaunt a masquerade getup, “All Hallows” will truly take off at 9pm.  Resident DJ’s Justin Fry, Vinnie B and Lemmi assure they’ll hold you in perpetual party mode until 4am, playing rare groove, a mix of old school RnB and dance classics- with this selection you’re bound to hear a song you love! 

From around 11pm to 4am a range of smoking cocktails will be available.  Close your eyes and use your imagination for a moment; how fun would it be to feel like you’re sipping from your very own bubbling cauldron?!  Gushing too much? I am honestly attempting to tone down the excitement.  Trick-or-treat shots will be on offer, as well as enticing cocktails and an extensive drinks list.

Non-members will receive complimentary entry until 9pm and £10 after, Milton Club members plus 3 guests have complimentary entry until the clock strikes midnight.


Popular with students, this up-tempo and contemporary club fuses two distant cultures, bringing the high-tech beauty of Japan to Manchester.  Melting into a smooth brew of opulent décor and a ‘stir your sense’ buzz, Sakura dishes out explosive events that attract a variety of well-known Celebrity faces.  So you never know who you might be dancing next too, or more like TRYING to dance next too come the Halloween weekend. 

Continuing with the ‘different cultures’ theme, Halloween at Sakura will transport you to the colourful country of Mexico to celebrate “Dia de los Muertos”, also known as “The Day of the Dead”.  Always maintaining the standard of giving the very best of everything, this venues resident DJ’s will present unrivalled combinations of commercial House, RnB and club remixes- all adding to the super scary spectacle Sakura will absolutely provide.  Go big or go home right?

If you want to go the whole nine yards you’re in for one hec of a treat, book a table and there’s a chance you’ll win a bottle of Sauza Hornitos Tequila and a cocktail masterclass for you and your guests.

Bijou: “Mode Halloween”

Recently re-opened following a rich refurbishment, this ritzy Chapel Street establishment is another favoured haunt for Manchester’s notables.  The only club in the city centre to have its own River Side Terrace, this hidden gem goes so far for its guests as providing a heated seating area for nights when your alcohol blanket just will not suffice.

Back with a bang, MODE is hosting the clubs sickeningly chilling phenomenon, with a Halloween special from DJ RUSSKEE and his mix of hottest RnB blends.  Again thinking of you, Bijou’s night will kick off at 10:30pm and not stop until 5am the following morning.  Five and a half hours of nonstop partying is anything as fulfilling? With vows to keep the music persistently pumping whilst you all get ‘THRILLER’ in your very welcome and largely applauded fancy dress, Bijou is eager to see exactly how good you humans are at keeping up!

Boasting a “couture clubbing” experience, the mantra for MODE and Bijou’s event will ring true:

“One… Two… Bijou Club is coming for you...

Three… Four… We’ll leave you wanting more

  Five….Six… DJ RUSSKES in the mix! 

Will you make it out alive? Maybe… But definitely not sober!”


Jessika Downes-Gössl