Faces Essex

Since 1993 Faces has been one of the most bespoke nightclub experiences just off the West End. With a VIP guest list that spans the world of TV, sport and fashion you’re sure to be bumping elbows with some of your heroes whilst jumping aboard the next Jaeger-train.

What makes Faces so unforgettable is its exclusivity. To be guaranteed entry any night of the week you’ll want to become a member (though it’s not a members only deal). There are three types of membership available to you (if you’re over 21), each with its own enticing features all of which are discounted at the moment for the clubs 20th anniversary.

Faces Silver is currently only £10 for ladies and £15 for gents, which gets you discounted entrance fee on the night. Bump it up to Faces Gold for £125 and there’s no entrance fee and no queuing, take it all the way to Faces Black for £200 and a friend can slide in for free without queuing too!

So you know it’s exclusive and they’ve hosted the A-listers like nobody’s business but what have they got going on right now?

Well every Friday is Scandalous, “the busiest Friday night in Essex”. Drinks are £3.50 all night, ladies get in free before 10.30pm and there’s always something special going on. Whether it’s the recent zoo special complete with free body painting, Lovejuices George Mensah and Michael Green or DJ Danny T’s upcoming set there’s value for money by the bucket load. There’s even a special membership just for Fridays, a must if you want to get in on the action.

Saturday’s take it easy on the guest appearances but go hard on the drinks deals. On Saturday 17th October the night is sponsored by Moet & Chandon and all bottles of champers are £35, a bargain you’re not likely to regret until you wake up the follow morning with a pounding hangover and severely empty bank account.

If you’re really looking to break the bank why not enjoy Faces VIP package where you can enjoy a large table for you and your friends as well as a dedicated bar to you and any other VIPs ensuring that round of shots gets to you in record time. To book one of you will need to be a member and both Friday and Saturday nights do have a minimum spend so you better be ready to hit it hard. Birthday bookings are also available if you don’t want to go all out offering a lot of great perks such as a complimentary table and a personal waitress to get you everything you need.

Once the parties over you can relive the night with Faces extensive gallery of professional photos and download the DJs playlist directly from the site and get the party started all over again.

So what are you waiting for you? Get down there a bit sharpish and make sure you’re looking tip-top, they don’t want your trainers getting ruined by all that champagne.