Unit 17 – Ipswich

Those of you who are seasoned clubbers in Sussex may have heard of Liquid & Envy before – big contenders on the clubbing scene in the South. Earlier in 2015, Liquid & Envy were reborn, and made both bigger and better. Unit 17 is the name of this new carnation, and it’s a club which you definitely need to pay a visit to if you’re a resident of Sussex. Unit 17 is the only nightclub in Ipswich you should be on the guest list for… and that’s not just because it’s the only actual nightclub in Ipswich.

The Venue

When on a night out, I’m not really one to care about the venue. I could literally be dancing in a dingy basement, and I wouldn’t care, as long as it had four walls, a roof, and a decent bar. I’m pleased to announce however, that Unit 17 is certainly not a dingy basement, with thousands of pounds being spent on its rebranding earlier in the year. The club has three amazing club rooms, all of them pretty huge – definitely enough room for you to shuffle and get low to your hearts content.


Unit 17 also has some pretty cool extra offers which put them a league above your usual clubs. The club boasts a number of private booths, all of different sizes, for if you fancy acting a little more VIP on your night out. It’s a great place to sit and recharge when you’re six inch heels are just getting a bit too much. My personal favourite part of the Unit 17 experience however, are the unique packages they offer, which are designed to make your night out that much better. For example, somehow been roped into being the designated driver, and sworn off of alcohol for the entire night? Unit 17 have you covered with their ‘designated driver’ package. This package includes an entry ticket, queue jump, three soft drink vouchers and a cloakroom voucher – the perfect combination for easing the pain of your alcohol free night. There are plenty of other packages also on offer, check them out here.


A club is often judged on the appeal of their main events (and the price of their jaeger bombs, obvs). There’s always something going on at Unit 17 Ipswich. Upcoming events include DJ sets from Radio 1 Xtra’s DJ Target, and Finn Jones. Ticket prices vary depending on the act, but all are what you’d expect from a big club, in the range of around £3-£8. Plus, if big DJ sets aren’t really your thing, there’s always the Disco room. And everybody loves a Disco room.

Why Unit 17?

Unit 17 Ipswich has everything you need for a great night out in the South. The drinks, the music, the venue – all of them are the perfect combination for an unforgettable night. To grab some tickets for Unit 17’s upcoming events, or find out a little more about them, check out their website here!


By Lauren Chassebi