Is the 24-hour tube service positive for nightlife?

In the early hours of the 12th of September, London night transport is going to get a whole lot easier. The long awaited and rumoured night time Tube service will launch that morning, creating another way of getting around. No more stumbling across the road waving your drunken arm in the air at every car that passes, you will be able to hop on and off a tube to reach your desired location.

The new service will support London’s 24-hour lifestyle by offering a round-the-clock service. Supporting that will support you. You won’t have to walk down an alley in order to get to the taxi or bus stop, as you know in London, tube stations are everywhere. This may make clubbers feel safer. It is striving to be safe and crime free- they are ensuring police to patrol the tubes. So you don’t have to worry about creepy people approaching you, as help will be around.

There’s nothing worse then heading out of a club looking forward to ordering a Dominoes and cuddling up in bed with pizza and Netflix until you fall asleep only to find the 1000 odd people queue for the taxi and bus. So adding another way of getting home will not only complement the existing night bus services and taxis but it’ll ease queues and plus the tube is 20 minutes to an hour faster throughout journeys- winning.

You will also be saving a bit of cash as most Londoners have an Oystercard or if not they will be charging standard off-peak fares. You can use the taxi money on an extra shot- we know you want to. Not only clubbers will benefit from this new service, but also night shift workers from waitresses to doctors will definitely find it easier to get home from work.

Matching the 24-hour city, it’ll be a reliable way of getting around. Whether that’s another club, a restaurant, your home or another person’s home (cheeky), you won’t ever have to cut a fab night out short. You never know, one day they may introduce party tubes. Here’s hoping!


By Hannah Williams